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  1. Tekken 7 Multiplayer Danganronpa V3 Yomawari: Midnight Shadows Lost in Vivo Nier Automata: Route B/C
  2. Heyo Phil, got an agreement with my hairstylist that we're gonna style my hair in some wild modern fashion soon. Whats a wild hairstyle you'd think you could rock? If you've already worn one share the story!
  3. How's it going Phil? As I'm writing this question, you're fast approaching the end of Danganronpa 2, you've still got the entire final chapter to go through, which is 7 hours give or take. Do you have any interest in the Danganronpa "3rd Arc" anime that essentially book ends the first two games? It's the only oddity on the series that it's outright a tv show instead of a game, but it's also the ENDING to the story. (at least until V3 happened)
  4. With Sonic Mania now out, I feel like we should start up a Sonic general thread, just kind of shop what your favorite sonic playthroughs are?
  5. Fan art for the Agents of Mayhem Stream http://i.imgur.com/yNUw0Yj.jpg
  6. Hey Phil, happy thanksgiving! As I type this I'm on my way to go visit mi familia. Its gonna be a packed couple of months for gaming, the season doesn't end at December anymore. Not as many companies fall for the last quarter pressure anymore. There's a crazy amount of games that look good releasing in early 2017. but is this a good thing or a bad thing? Night in The Woods, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Kingdom Hearts 2.8, Resident Evil 7, Yakuza 0 in January With so many hot releases all the way through April. Why do you feel it is, or how do you feel it's going to change release date culture? happy thanksgiving, if I could send you some of this Green Bean Cassarole I made I would. Cheers.
  7. I'm gonna pipe up here, I completely missed Watch_Dogs 1, I actually didn't even remember what gameplay looked like, I never played it, never looked at it, kinda full skipped it. No one told me there was a reason to go play it, but leading up to the release it was obvious they had an idea going with this one. Technology in the hands of obviously irresponsible but smart young adults leads to easy roads for social commentary and also a good "growing up" story. And what a better place than to San Francisco where every kind of person congregates there to express themselves. It's a very accepting society, very open minded. except for the part where there just magically isn't a huge homeless problem like there actually currently is in SF. Yeah! there's an huge homeless problem in SF right now, it's a huge deal that anyone who lives there usually brings it up when they're on air. Smell of "waste" is a tangible thing too, like, SF is in a bad place rn, so this game coming out and looking relatively clean comparatively is weird. I'm super happy with where the story is going so far, and the light hearted tone while jarring to the setup seems to be mostly due to the attitudes of the characters taking it lightly. yeah, if I had a current gen console I'd get this game for sure. The playthrough is fine so far., I'm actually a fan of light/medium dead air in playthroughs, "commentary that breathes" if there was another word for it. The need to fill all the dead air is kind of "stuffy" but I do agree that in some parts you seemed kinda absent so I'm glad you're switching off stream for future sessions.
  8. oh nah nah, just my pfp (My otter character), the linked art is TysonTanX, I love his art for the same reason I like OvoPacks art
  9. oh nah man, my nickname is forever now. And since my art is unique I figured it'd be easier to identify me.
  10. I mean tbf I was mostly a shoutbox fiend, I stick to twitter. and lmao in the comments, but I left cause reclaiming my account got frustrating, little did I know the time I decide to take off is the time the resetting stop. I was surprised to find out my account was still here lol.
  11. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxY3xwhXAAE5Gx2.jpg https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CxY3yOOXEAAj6Vv.jpg In other news, TysonTan giving me more strong arguments for god tier PFP material (Aside from ovopack and rikose >_>)
  12. Maybe the real King of Hate Forums was the chunk of forum members you forgot along the way! Nah, I remember your U/N. Everything else is noise, leaving was a mistake.
  13. Literally just got the notification that Pokemon Sun/Moon anime starts tomorrow. I now have one show for at least each day except tuesday
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