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    FYI this is the only account I have on this forum and the reason I've never made one before is because people like you are here. You're a toxic individual who antagonizes everyone you come across. Sorry for the wall of text. I did try to keep it short :( I don't think any of the current mods are there for the power trip.
  2. wahiziv

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    You have the following 14 mods in your mod list: elipsion, eternal_napalm, infinite_55, jicherty, kekon3, logviewer, madara_is_god_, moobot, nightbot, popsicolo, ratchefan12, thatanonymouse, themightyonyx, and ttv_noble. Three of these mods- logviewer, moobot, and nightbot are bots. The following mods post in your chat less than once every week: themightyonyx hasn't posted in your chat once this year. jicherty has only posted in your chat two days in the last three months (equivalent to once every six weeks) and four days in the last six months (equivalent to once every six we
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