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  1. I know Loophole is like 18 or 19 and only graduated high school last year but most of them are in their early-to-mid 20s (well, allegedly anyway) yes. Anyway, topic was already derailed enough. My b for mentioning detractors.
  2. 2 posts and "CaptainDorito" for the username. Is the SoK really this desperate for attention? Come on now. lol
  3. Actually currently watching this playthrough, so far it's really good. As far as suggestions go, I guess just keep having a more open mind in regards to what you play, which you definitely have improved on. Someone mentioned editing earlier too, and that's a good suggestion. Premiere is good software if you want to give it a try. If not, Vegas is also good. That's it, really. I like your commentary as of late so no complaints there. lol
  4. I saw this post on Twitter from Che, I like how you went on their podcast and were completely civil yet they continue to shit talk you and twist your words into "ur salty lol" for their own benefit. Not to derail the topic or anything, just felt the need to point this out. But yeah, back to the topic humor is subjective. For me personally life is too short to be offended by anything people say, and if Jimmy Kimmel is a paid comedian (like Phil) people really shouldn't be butthurt over the things he says/said. It's the internet, after all. Tl;dr I think people just actively look for something t
  5. Last I checked the 64GB was for Japanese Vita's only. Is the 64GB model out in North America now? If so, definitely getting that.
  6. I got an 8GB memory card myself but I do want to get 16/32GB as I can only install like 4-5 games at a time. :P
  7. Pretty much. They're a confusing lot, "dislike" Phil but watch his every move and waste no time in immediately commenting on it. I dunno why anyone would make negativity their life but ah well. Sucks to be them I guess. lol
  8. 00Boondocks00

    keep on

    Couldn't agree with you more. They literally spend their time making fun of another person's flaws daily instead of being productive and have a whole "this is a war" mentality.
  9. 00Boondocks00

    keep on

    I agree here and they admitted (or at least jack_press did) to only caring about Phil for sadistic reasons. I don't see why we can't just have fun and game, so yea. I used to be anti-DSP and I might or might not get flak for "switching sides" as well but the immaturity from the detractors is just too much for me.
  10. ​Mm, P3. :3 Played a bit of that last night, I'm on 14F or so.
  11. Yea they're making a big deal out of nothing, i mean you can't just go on someone else's forums then expect nothing to happen when you start something like this. Best to ignore it, SoK just wants the attention in my opinion.
  12. ​I agree; if Phil keeps going like this his "business" will die out faster than he thinks.
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