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  1. Partnership. Also ReviewTechUSA said it best. Phil has people who rightfully or not troll and harass him and needs constant babysitting given how often he streams. The fact he no longer is a partner is just another reason to drop him, he can't make them money anymore, he's a net loss.
  2. Indigo Prophecy, it's a perfect fit. He hasn't played it in played 10 years, a remastered version came out on PS4 in 2016 and Phil loves those types of games
  3. What kind of game would you make since you see yourself as a gaming expert?
  4. Street Fighter IV. Less of a pain for SF5 and I think you can get a few wins there.
  5. Phil has a niche. It's new releases, a very expensive niche.
  6. I strongly agree. A lot of Phil's issues really were amplified in this marathon. Especially his stalling and inability to manage time. He went from 500 viewers to under 300 when he left to work on his PC.
  7. Depends on how much time he wants to dedicate to it. Hollow Knight is a long game if you want to go whole hog on it.
  8. If you could make a game what kind of game would it be and what would it be like, you're not limited in budget or development team? Do you think Nintendo, a company that was known for making hard games is now known for making games deemed "too easy"? Is there any fictional character you could relate to?
  9. One thing STALKER is good about is that I think Phil already has it therefore he doesn't need to buy it. In fact I think he was gifted it years ago if I remember what he said last time he played it
  10. Oh he totally has talent on that regard, and he's a great salesman, just a lot of money spent on games he hyped up just didn't click with me ;)
  11. It's very akin to that though it's a tad more streamlined and the units are autonomous but you can bribe them to do what you want to do with them. Not all units have the same drive though which makes it fun for me
  12. The Action Components (19%) The Social Components (51%) The Mastery Components (57%) The Achievement Components (19%) The Creativity Components (3%) I used to be big into creativity then every game had customizing stuff and people spent more time think about the perfect chin shape than the actual game The Immersion Components (76%)
  13. Very shocked he hasn't done one before of them
  14. Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man basically saved his life IMO. He inspires me
  15. Majesty: The Fantasy Sim. Fun game that had a gold edition.
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