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  1. There's one rule that every DSP fan follows. "Don't question the Lord!" Really, this is what the new rules pretty much say. It doesn't matter how valid your criticism is. Their duty is to fight for the well being of the Lord. When you look up the definition of a cult, every point describes the DSP fan base. KG is the one who asked people for proof. When they gave him proof, he wants to ban them all for doing so. It's not Phil's forum, it's KG's forum now. He's even writing his own rules.
  2. It's like talking to a wall. KG obviously ignores everything that doesn't suit his believes. His only argument is that source isn't reliable, while refusing to have any look at the evidence. Exactly reflects what you see from the other fanboys. They are not capable to form their own opinions. Everything the cult leader says is the truth. You would know if you read the thread.
  3. It's less about believe and more about the overwhelming amount of evidence. No one still didn't find a single piece of evidence that would disprove the allegations. No problem.
  4. KG doesn't want to hear the truth
  5. Something else. It always makes me sad when I see the Demon's Souls wallpaper on his dashboard. He should change it to Bugsnax or Cyberpunk. It doesn't deserve to be on his dashboard.
  6. Apparently 2am isn't middle of the night. I didn't know that. @KGhaleon
  7. I bet the design would be fine if the standard Switch joycons looked like that. They probably feel much better in hand than the Nintendo ones. They could look a bit better, but what matters is how they feel and that they actually work. You'll get a proper analog stick with them.
  8. at least it's not made out of cardboard and doesn't drift
  9. These fat ones use standard analog sticks. They shouldn't drift. They have them in better colors though. You'll find them under different brand names, but it's the same thing.
  10. If Cyberpunk came out just after TLOU2. This is so great, not like TLOU2. This is so much fun, not like TLOU2. This is just like Fallout 4, I love it, not like TLOU2. This is my game of the year, unlike TLOU2.
  11. Remember when he wanted Geoff to delay GOTY awards for Cyberpunk? Because TLOU2 ruined his waifu Ellie. Now he acts like it's even worse than TLOU2.
  12. LOL Yet still fine with requesting a refund. What is it now? The game is so bad you want a refund, or you have to finish it because it's your job? What did people think of the Christmas marathon? I didn't watch it, but the selection of games was just terrible. Was there even a single game people wanted to see?
  13. If it ever happens. It could be the new Code Vein. Making up an excuse that it was only nominated by trolls.
  14. ProJared perfectly described how you should treat DSP. "I took a wrong turn on in the internet and ended up reading DSP hilarity haha WHOOPS" Just look at the stupidity, laugh at it and move on. Don't try to get too close. Definitely don't become a fan, or try to help him, or become his friend. It's all futile. It's just an autistic cult.
  15. It's really pointless to complain about the gameplay. All that matters are the (non) mandatory numbers on the top of the screen. $5,000 of business expenses is a lot. But it all goes to stream improvements. @KGhaleon You aren't supposed to say the truth, that's toxic. You have to do it like the Twitch mods, only talk shit behind his back. The mod chat leaks show he treats them like his only friends. So he can't get rid of them even if they make fun of him. Besides them being the only people dumb enough to do such ungrateful job for free. Well, they are stupid enough to pay to do that
  16. It requires thinking. That's the issue. So many games instantly become shit once he's required to use a tiny bit of common sense. I watched a bit of the last Cyberpunk stream. It was fun to see how terrible he is at it, but it got boring fast. It's the same shit you saw a million times. How many times can you listen to: "I don't know what to do?", "What do I do?", "Someone tell me what to do?" While he runs around and does the same things that didn't work the first time. Then one of the cult members drops $50 to make him happy again. Same thing every day. How many times can you watch a
  17. He just copies Twitter's opinions. He made fun of people who were posting game bugs. While he was tweeting about every game bug he encountered. He hates the game for doing nothing new. While he praises AC Valhalla. Ghost of Tshushima was his favorite game, it was just an AC copy. He likes COD, he hates when COD does something new. He loved Little Hope, a very shitty Silent Hill ripoff. He wants a refund because of the bugs. He bought a wrestling game because it was full of bugs. The main reason he hates it might be because it's too difficult for him. He constantly has problems figuring ou
  18. I just want to give people a straight answer. And help them to leave this toxic place, find and support someone positive, not someone who hates you. I'm also glad he didn't get a refund. He's the last person who deserves it.
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