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  1. @Phil I am here to nominate a few games that I and I’m sure a lot of other fans would love to see a run of! A few friends of mine and I who love your content have compiled a list of games from your early years of content creation! 1. Fallout New Vegas (or fallout 3) 2. Alan Wake 3. Dead rising 2 4. Fable 3 5. Sonic Colors 6. Home front 2 Thank you a bunch for reading my suggestions if you have!
  2. Hey Phil, been a long time watcher and first time caller. I was wondering, as you’ve already been around for over a decade so far, how do you see your career going in the future? (Outside of the upgrades to your streams as you have mentioned previously on streams.) Do you have any plans to one day wind down or limit your presence online as you grow older in the decades to come? I know it can be difficult to predict anything on the internet but I was wondering what your LONG term goals may be as a virtual pioneer of streaming. Thank you for addressing my question and keep
  3. I have some suggestions that are all on PS4 and below the retail price for most games. 1. Octodad (from the makers of bug snacks!) 2. My name is Mayo 3. Wander 4. The Unknown City 5. Spear of Destiny 6. Life of Black Tiger 7. Godzilla
  4. Hey @Phil is it possible to post a clear photo of you in your beige vest, or the platinum one so we can use it for future fan art? I think it would be great to capitalize on the vest memes but have been having trouble finding clear enough images to use so far.
  5. My son had been enjoying the stream with me and had made his first DarkSydePhil fan art for prestreams! I’m proud of him!
  6. I have a few games I think Phil would Love on top of the fans! 1. Gex: Enter the Gecko 2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses 3. City Skylines 4. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone 5. GMod
  7. Fire Emblem 3 Houses Gex Xcom 2 The Nonary Games I have no mouth but I must scream
  8. We’re really excited for animal crossing!
  9. Hey phil, just wanted to start off by saying that I’ve been really enjoying your playthroughs as of late and have been enjoying your latest runs of KOTOR and DragonBall Z Kakarot to name a few! My question is regarding your state of the stream address. I am currently attending college in the field of finance so this is an area of interest for me. As a streamer, which chapter are you hoping to pursue or have already been pursing? I promise that I am not trying to troll or anything. I am currently attending college in the field of finance so this is an area of interest for me
  10. Have a few more for later this week when Kakarot starts.
  11. I would like to nominate a few games in the hopes that one of them will get played as I think Phil would genuinely enjoy playing through them! Nominations: 1. Gex (any of them) 2. Donkey Kong 64 3. Yoshi’s Island 4. I Have no Mouth but I Must Scream Especially considering how Phil has recently really enjoyed playing Myst, I think he would really get into the last one.
  12. Good potential mod candidates: Bobbi_Ling Derich Dakkysmurf Phrenelith Katexo OrphanOfKos and Philly_buckeye they have all been long time supporters and seem like nice people with a good head on their shoulders.
  13. Got bored, here’s more you can use if you like.
  14. I really wish we had more pictures of Phil that were less blurry to work with, but I did what I could making a quick chill stream prestream art.
  15. I know that it was a bit of a bad meme for a while but I REALLY think Phil would love Gex! For Christmas please give Gex a try @Phil Im sure you will love the references in it!
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