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  1. I don't donate because I feel bad for him, I do it because I want to support similar content. The dude has to make money to live, and I like a lot of the content I watch from him, so I'll throw him 20 bucks sometimes. His financial issues are of little concern to me. If he's smart, he's using my money to help with that. If he's not smart, that's his problem - not mine. I'm simply paying for a service provided. Has he lied about his issues? Maybe. It doesn't matter to me. I'm paying for a service. If I go to get a massage and tip 40 bucks, it's because I thought the person did a good job. Whatever finanical issues the masseuse has are not my business. I'm not giving pity-pennies. This is something you and many other detractors fail to grasp. Maybe some hardcore fans feel some loyalty to donate and "save" him, but for most of us, it's just a matter of supporting content we like.
  2. That's what i said. He's giving his detractors views by not uploading them
  3. If not papavera, it would be someone else. Or he might just look up a strategy guide if he ever needs help. I remember myst being pretty hard, but I was a child last time I played it so I'm not a good judge.
  4. I wouldn't say it sucks but Morrowind is a much better game.
  5. The colab of the century. Being serious, Onion is actually out there hurting people, DSP just gripes a lot about games. I don't think they're comparable.
  6. I'm just giving my opinion too, and it's not like anyone cares what I think anyway. KOTOR is currently #3 on the voting.
  7. Code vein was released this year and still sells at full price, at least digitally. Anyways, I think the rules were clear enough - people just ignored them. Look at how many people nominated games like KOTOR. These aren't games that can be enjoyed in 1-2 hours only, are not christmas related, and will probably turn him off from playing these games in the future.
  8. Wasn't it intended to be a second life clone? Though that kind of 3D social network thing isn't unique or new I guess. If there was ever enough demand for him to play an online game, he could make it a patreon goal and then record for YouTube. The extra patreon money would probably cover whatever contributions he would have got if he streamed it. Or maybe twitch has some kind of feature similar to premier on YouTube where you can stream a prerecorded video to watch with fans. I don't know if there's enough demand for that kind of thing though, and honestly, trolling could add to the entertainment so long as it isn't too intrusive.
  9. Does anyone know what happened to the PS home videos? It seems like a year is missing. There's the 2008 series, 2009 series, then it skips to 2012 but the first video he says it's his fourth time doing PS home for youtube. Edit: 2010's PS home videos were uploaded to blip, and blip is completely gone off of the internet. Maybe they are archived somewhere but I cannot find it.
  10. Yeah, it is online to my knowledge. It's going to be weird. I think most active roblox users are children.
  11. What distro? If you want an experience that is pretty close to windows 7, manjaro is good.
  12. Well this is certainly shaping up to be an...interesting christmas marathon.
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