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  1. Couldn't you ask that question about all morals though? There are no morals purely based in nature, its something humans come up with for a variety of reasons. My point being that you can find a way to justify anything if your logic boils down to "who decided it was wrong?". Take cannibalism for example. Provided you avoid the brain and cook the meat, there's very little biological risk to cannibalism for modern humans. Maybe its our empathy that makes it wrong....but that falls apart when you realize certain cultures practiced cannibalism for thousands of years and there is no reason to believe they are less empathetic than us. Someone could actually make the argument that eating the dead is *morally* good because its less wasteful than a burial or cremation, but I don't think you or me are going to chomp down on a human burger after this. However our aversion to cannibalism is largely cultural rather than some kind of natural law. (see: exists in peoples minds) That's why I don't like appeals to "its not based in logic!!". We're fundamentally illogical beings in the sense that we can make choices that are not inherently utilitarian....and in my opinion, that's a good thing. It allows us to examine the world around us and ponder the consequences of our actions. Animals operate on hard logic alone, not humans.
  2. I will say that the behavior of some of his "detractors" certainly cast Phil in a better light. Everyone putting stuff online has their "detractors" but I've never seen a community this large dedicated to screwing one guy. Obviously not all detractors are equal, some just don't like Phil and want to talk crap on a forum, but the circle-jerk nature of the detractor community means that insane people can take it way too far while being shielded from criticism.
  3. What about lying by omission? Is not telling someone something they should know as bad as lying, and how do you decide if someone should know?
  4. While I don't care about watching this game myself, isn't this really shitty to any of his fans that can't make streams all of the time?
  5. Yeah for traveling a lot and gaming at the same time i can see it being a better investment.
  6. I was talking about the expensive high end "gaming" laptops.
  7. at that point why not just invest in a desktop? Unless you travel a lot and intend to game a lot while doing so, I don't see a benefit in those high end laptops.
  8. I offered a legitimate explanation. If its a stolen credit card situation, the owner of the credit card presumably initiated the chargebacks and has every right to do so. I don't see how someone could donate a large sum of money over multiple occasions and claim it was a mistake otherwise. It also wouldn't be unheard of for something like this to happen, since a DSP fan has used a parent's credit card at least once without permission.
  9. are you being sarcastic or do you just really enjoy watching movies there?
  10. Oh that sucks. Do we know if it was a malicious chargeback or did someone just steal a credit card?
  11. Does anyone know what Phil was talking about here?
  12. https://youtu.be/L8Tcjlrg9Uc?t=753 Jesus christ Phil. "He didn't need to, he could have tried to disarm him"? The mission was to kill him. Sometimes I wonder how stuff goes over his head like that.
  13. You called what? That unlike you I can't spend 12 hours arguing with a dipshit on the internet? You're a genius. It really is amazing what delusions some people can have. I could go point by point explaining that you didn't make me do anything, but unlike you I really don't care too much what people think on an anonymous forum that has no bearing or consequences on anything. You can tell me about that if anyone actually cares. That's the difference between me and you, and why you come out as the bigger idiot in all of this. You're taking this super seriously because you feel the need to "embarrass" anonymous people on the internet. I found it hilarious to sit back and watch you try to wank your own ego with each post. But like all good things, it must come to an end. I'm sure you did call this, but only because I said twice that I'd get bored. Pat yourself on the back, I know you will anyway. You're most likely going to respond to this post proclaiming some kind of victory and talking how you totally embarrassed me, but if you do, ask yourself who is making who do anything.
  14. I'm sorry master, I thought my meaning was clear when I said "at the time of writing". I edited my post exactly one time. Well as fun as this autistic shit has been, I do have real obligations, so I must take my leave. I'll talk to you later master.
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