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  1. Normal, but I seem to remember him lowering mid playthrough. I haven't watched it since 2011 so I could be entirely off base though.
  2. He said it was hard and that he didn't like puzzle games. I don't think he rage quit though.
  3. He would probably like it if he played it again. He's a lot more open to non-traditional games these days and he's just letting a bad memory stop him from giving something a chance. He's only being asked to play it for an hour max anyway
  4. Yep, rigged poll but it's not like many of these are good options to begin with.
  5. Oh, I was thinking he did something again.
  6. If he's going to play the original deus ex, it might be a pain in the ass to record. It's a very old game and I'm not sure if it's going to cooperate with the streaming software without some preparation. I would suggest @Phil do some research beforehand and do any prep then so that there are no surprises when its time to play. Also maybe read a starting guide and decide how he wants to play beforehand, else we're going to see a lot of rage if he builds his character wrong.
  7. I'll be honest this game seems really stupid but it does seem like a more entertaining stream than Fire emblem or diddy kong racing.
  8. Didn't catherine get quite a few votes too? Also what a shitty lineup of games lol
  9. Wow, you did a good job! I'm surprised you managed to salvage the faces of the children in the back.
  10. "Well um, it works. The buttons do their assigned function. It feels more comfortable than the originals and it has a dpad. It didn't explode and kill me from my 5 minutes of use off stream"
  11. The island isn't a big enough shithole to be called Connecticut yet
  12. To be fair I'm self aware about not having friends, lol
  13. Unpopular opinion and random thought: This boomer vs millennial thing is retarded and mostly a creation of the media. Yeah most boomers are out of touch, but guess what? That's been the case forever - the older generation has always been perceived as generally out of touch however this level of online hostility is another level. This isn't because boomers are particularly out of touch when compared with previous generations, but because they are some of the largest consumers of mainstream, "old school" media like fox news, cnn, etc and as such they create articles designed to get their attention. This is the origin of the "8 things millennials are killing" style articles. It's not that most boomers genuinely believe millennials are responsible for every social ill, it's just that a lot of outrage bait articles from mainstream media are targeted at boomers. So then comes the rush of reactionary articles from the media favored by millennials, blaming boomers for every social ill imaginable and rightfully pointing out that politics is dominated by the older generation. These articles are also outrage bait, and they don't take a very nuanced or critical look. Context is not important if your goal is only to fuel outrage. Politics has always been the domain of the older generation under a system where people can potentially serve indefinitely. Because of this, it's become pretty popular to do this cringey "boomers are literally satan-hitler" shit rather than take a critical eye to the system and I find that sad. Want less boomers in government? Instead of blaming an entire generation of people, most of whom have no more control over the political system than you, maybe it's time to criticize the system so in the future it can be reformed. Case in point: You almost never see this boomer vs millennial stuff outside of the internet and the media, and no, the obvious karma bait stories you find on reddit don't count.
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