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  1. A lot of them just seem like wanking to me, but I've seen a few that were insightful or at least interesting enough that I could make it through.
  2. So I had a notification here but I guess the thread was deleted because it tells me I don't have permission and searching for the thread brings up no results. That's a shame.
  3. He does that quite a bit. Acts very negative towards a game while playing and then tell us that he thinks it's okay or that its growing on him. I wonder why.
  4. I'm happy that the forums are back.
  5. Left 4 dead 2 isn't an exclusive though....
  6. I don't think he's ignoring other suggestions, but when he's following a build he tends to focus on the one thing, and the things suggested by papavera have tended to be larger projects. Also papavera is the one actually drawing up a lot of the plans used for other peoples suggestions. I think that any blame, if there is any, falls at phil's feet rather than someone making suggestions and putting hours of their time into showing DSP how to build these things.
  7. Can't wait for people to nominate games that don't fit the format and then listen to DSP gripe the whole time. This isn't good content, and DSP really needs to adopt some guidelines or rules. If not, then he can't complain when people nominate things that aren't going to be good. The only game that he wasn't extremely negative towards was Myst, and that's probably the only game on the list you could get a feel for in a 1 hour period.
  8. That's some good luck. The saddest part of dark souls is that it never has the same "magic" after the first playthrough.
  9. nice. How many of the black knights have you killed, or did you just get lucky twice in a row?
  10. Huh, I never found it very slow and the length of the sword generally allows you to keep enemies at a fair distance. Could it be a weight thing? Last time I used zwei it was with a high str build and no armor.
  11. You could also rush to get zwei. It can carry you through the entire game no problem.
  12. I think everyone knew that was going to be a shitshow
  13. So I finally gave Imperator: Rome a try. It's the only 2019 game I've played so far. It still feels a little bare compared to other paradox games, but it's fine for what it is and I really enjoy the time period it takes place in. My biggest complaint is the length. It feels so much shorter than the others, and could really benefit from another 100 years. It can be modified in the files though, so I may do that upon subsequent playthroughs. I'd like to eventually see more added to the non greco-roman parts of the world. They're fine for what they are, but more content is always a plus. ALSO BARBARIANS SUCK. I'm fine with them in theory but am I really expected to believe a bunch of loosely organized tribals are amassing armies of 60k and training war elephants?
  14. Does anyone know if he plans to play the upcoming cyberpunk and VTMB? Video unrelated,
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