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  1. Good taste, the fries are usually better than the tots. Most of the time, tots are more popular so we make a bunch at once and it sits under a hot air station for a while. Fries are usually made on demand so they're fresher.
  2. What do you like? It seems like the more I work there, the less appealing most of the food is. Not that any of it is bad, most of it is pre-prepared, and my location is pretty good with cleanliness. It just all seems nasty when you're around it for hours most of the week.
  3. As somebody working at sonic, he's way more positive about the food than I am. I'm glad somebody likes it though. Cheddar peppers are great though.
  4. If you start going bald, would you rather shave it off or deal with a bald spot/receding hairline? Or maybe try one of those hair growth treatments?
  5. I think TLOU would have been better had it focused on following one character and spent the extra time developing their story.
  6. Couldn't you ask that question about all morals though? There are no morals purely based in nature, its something humans come up with for a variety of reasons. My point being that you can find a way to justify anything if your logic boils down to "who decided it was wrong?". Take cannibalism for example. Provided you avoid the brain and cook the meat, there's very little biological risk to cannibalism for modern humans. Maybe its our empathy that makes it wrong....but that falls apart when you realize certain cultures practiced cannibalism for thousands of years and there is no reason to
  7. I will say that the behavior of some of his "detractors" certainly cast Phil in a better light. Everyone putting stuff online has their "detractors" but I've never seen a community this large dedicated to screwing one guy. Obviously not all detractors are equal, some just don't like Phil and want to talk crap on a forum, but the circle-jerk nature of the detractor community means that insane people can take it way too far while being shielded from criticism.
  8. What about lying by omission? Is not telling someone something they should know as bad as lying, and how do you decide if someone should know?
  9. While I don't care about watching this game myself, isn't this really shitty to any of his fans that can't make streams all of the time?
  10. Yeah for traveling a lot and gaming at the same time i can see it being a better investment.
  11. I was talking about the expensive high end "gaming" laptops.
  12. at that point why not just invest in a desktop? Unless you travel a lot and intend to game a lot while doing so, I don't see a benefit in those high end laptops.
  13. I offered a legitimate explanation. If its a stolen credit card situation, the owner of the credit card presumably initiated the chargebacks and has every right to do so. I don't see how someone could donate a large sum of money over multiple occasions and claim it was a mistake otherwise. It also wouldn't be unheard of for something like this to happen, since a DSP fan has used a parent's credit card at least once without permission.
  14. are you being sarcastic or do you just really enjoy watching movies there?
  15. Oh that sucks. Do we know if it was a malicious chargeback or did someone just steal a credit card?
  16. Does anyone know what Phil was talking about here?
  17. https://youtu.be/L8Tcjlrg9Uc?t=753 Jesus christ Phil. "He didn't need to, he could have tried to disarm him"? The mission was to kill him. Sometimes I wonder how stuff goes over his head like that.
  18. You called what? That unlike you I can't spend 12 hours arguing with a dipshit on the internet? You're a genius. It really is amazing what delusions some people can have. I could go point by point explaining that you didn't make me do anything, but unlike you I really don't care too much what people think on an anonymous forum that has no bearing or consequences on anything. You can tell me about that if anyone actually cares. That's the difference between me and you, and why you come out as the bigger idiot in all of this. You're taking this super seriously because you feel the need to "
  19. I'm sorry master, I thought my meaning was clear when I said "at the time of writing". I edited my post exactly one time. Well as fun as this autistic shit has been, I do have real obligations, so I must take my leave. I'll talk to you later master.
  20. Actually I'll do you one better. It's 1 minute at the time of writing this. Satisfied yet, master? I'm not sure reverse psychology means what you think it means though. Are you implying you don't want me to respond immediately? How hurtful.
  21. "I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I", there, your entire post could be summed up in one sentence. Now keep rephrasing what I've said in every other post. Its probably a good strategy to bore me. I do want you to think about something logically for a second. If I didn't find this at least somewhat entertaining, why wouldn't I just close the tab and do something else? Frankly I'm not autistic enough to care about my reputation on an anonymous forum, so unlike you, I am not compelled to respond.
  22. Let's get one thing straight, I didn't report you. I get that you're hurt about your favorite online forum banning you, but don't take that out on me. I called you autistic because you spend hours of your life obsessing over one person a dead forum that you don't even enjoy using. Whatever my status is has no bearing on that, but again, I wouldn't expect a smooth-brain to understand this. Context doesn't come easy to mental midgets. Actually you should probably get yourself examined for real, because issues with context is a sign of autism. I'm not mad at you in the slightest, on th
  23. I never said I was normal. I said you're not normal. I understand a mental midget like yourself might find reading comprehension hard but I believe you can do better. Now respond again to defend your tiny e-penis. I mean, you made an account AGAIN after being banned just to talk about KG. Its clear you can't resist us. The fact that you make multiple accounts on a dead forum to harass one guy is both hilarious and sad dude. Go on again about how you have a life and how you're eons better than us. Meanwhile I'll keep fucking with you until I get bored.
  24. Oh look, its the mental midget. How have you been? We missed you while you were gone. Did you get banned or just forgot your password?
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