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  1. I found this interesting. Someone complained that Minecraft is boring. Phil told him to watch MK11 streams if he wants action. The interesting thing is that MK11 are actually the most boring streams right now. Even FE is better. I like how Phil also admitted the gameplay of Minecraft isn't riveting. lol
  2. I hate how all companies do this garbage only to get positive PR. It's so obvious everyone is only riding the PR bandwagon. You can tell how the companies are making it all about themselves. They only postponed it because the riot news would overshadow the PS5 event. They only care if their hashtags are going to trend. They only want to make sure people are going to talk about the PS5 and nothing else. relevant meme picture: edit: Isn't it ironic that BlackLivesMatter is a racist organization by itself? Yet claims to fight against racism.
  3. I like what Papavera is doing now. "Papavera what do I do?" "Read the guide." You have to be strict when someone actively refuses to learn the simplest things or follow simple instructions.
  4. I meant that Papavera could build some things from PDP's world for fun while Phil is working on projects.
  5. T*vin's restreams gets taken down by false copyright claim. Immediately people in Phil's chat know about it. Hmm????
  6. Why not? His playthrough is great. He built a lot of cool things (all by himself). He's someone Phil should look up to concerning Minecraft playthroughs. People claim that Minecraft was dying and that PDP saved it. His playthroughs inspired a lot of people. Who are you talking about? Papavera, right? Phil is building everything Papavera tells him, with zero thought. I don't see an issue building some cool things PDP did. As a token of appreciation to a great Minecraft let's player.
  7. The villager spawner needs a disco floor or lights. It would increase efficiency by 200%. What about building things from PDP's world?
  8. People don't use 90% of the emotes, so anything they don't use. Here because Papavera deserves to have his own emotes:
  9. I'm sure he can make space for Papavera's emotes. It should take Phil less than 5 minutes to downscale them.
  10. During FE someone said those battles are so fun to watch. What's wrong with those people? They would find watching paint try entertaining.
  11. That was the chat, they begged him to play it on classic. He said he got tens of emails to play it on casual - easiest baby difficulty. Those emails were probably from people who actually voted for the game. Probably the same people who vote for the baby 3D platformers. I doubt the people from chat, who actually attend the streams, would vote for a game so boring. Animal Crossing streams are more engaging. It would be probably better to play on casual, so he can steamroll through the game and finish it fast.
  12. I don't understand why people wanted Fire Emblem so badly, but then wanted it to be played on the lowest difficulty possible. Where you can just bruteforce through it without thinking.
  13. Are the no politics, no corona, rules now lifted? Since last 2 prestreams were politics and corona talk.
  14. looked up what malding means, lol phrenelith Like for owning a gun in those communist countries that are against freedom of speech.
  15. They don't want to be labeled as racists.
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