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  1. that was for a new house tour, the running thing for dsp tries it is that it's too much effort
  2. The reason people said get a job was that Phil was always complaining about not having any money. So they assumed streaming doesn't pay him enough as a normal job would, little did they know...
  3. that's not a metroidvania, Castlevania became like Metroid with SOTN there always will be exceptions to the rule he will play games if they are voted on by patreons/viewers, he would play Code Vein and others if it won the poll but not else
  4. Well if a troll tipper manages to make Phil play Code Vein he at least did something good. But you really have to be something if you cheer then tell him to buy the game from it because you want to see the TIHYDP and then complain you got scammed.
  5. Maybe if the next troll tipper isn't a complete idiot and directly gifts him a Code Vein code. He'll play Nioh 2, don't know how much souls clone it is, but it's a major release. I meant more like indie games, replaying DS/BB.
  6. no he had a weak moment that's the excuse we are going for even though 460 people voted for it https://www.strawpoll.me/19348976/r
  7. any souls like 2D style metroidvania like games anime style games with waifus
  8. It's not an excuse, he really did it because he wanted to see a TIHYDP since he liked the Bloodborne TIHYDP. Everyone knows these people aren't very smart. Then he cheered another $5 just to tell Phil that he's leaving. Happy Trump Day
  9. This is pretty funny. The guy who cheered $50/5000bits for Phil to buy Code Vein did it because he wanted to see a TIHYDP of it. If his brain wasn't on life support he would tip through Paypal or at least buy a digital code. With a code he would still be out of money but at least Phil would own the game and might play it. How does someone manage to be so stupid? Everyone wants to see Code Vein, why waste the money on a cheer instead of a digital code? How are you so stupid to think Phil will automatically buy the game? And of course the guy now acts like Phil scammed him.
  10. Your trolling is getting more and more pathetic.
  11. Only sad losers care what others do on a crappy holiday. So shut up already and stop being a whiny bitch.
  12. Phil's 2nd favorite youtuber after PDP got to play Doom Eternal early. It's like Dark Souls with guns, Phil will love it. It's great how people pretend how good the Sonic movie is when you consider all the garbage movies that are popular nowadays.
  13. Oh god you are pathetic. You are the loser here if you come here to write this stupid shit. You try to act superior but only end up looking like a loser.
  14. Oh no, my commercial holiday. You can't use the Internet, you have to buy products on this day.
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