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  1. What Twitch viewers want is that Phil talks to them and gives them attention or they want to watch Phil talking to people or about something. They don't give a fuck about the game. He just has to play their favorite game or a colorful game designed for children, which is probably the same. You see how people who give big tips are never in chat? They probably just listen to him talking while they do something else. The times of Youtube and fun playthroughs are over, they don't make money anymore. Executive decision meme, it's simply a game he doesn't want to touch even if people would like to see it. It's not like it would win anyway unless detractors would mass vote for it to spite him.
  2. On the debunk stream it was said there's going to be even more chill style relaxing games in the future.
  3. He like JRPGs but he wants something for manly men like FF6 or Pokemon, not waifubait for shut-in losers obsessed with anime girls.
  4. FF6, Shenmue... FF6, Shenmue, Pokemon, Minecraft, RDR2, KOTOR... Shenmue, RDR2, KOTOR... Excuses because he doesn't want to say directly he doesn't want to play it. The same stupid nonsensical excuses why he can't live stream E3.
  5. $60 for a GB game, $60 for a DS game, $60 for cardboard, you don't say. They know their fans will buy a cardboard box as long it has the Nintendo logo on it.
  6. The real reason is that he simply doesn't want to play it: anime, waifus, he's married. Talk for yourself. People love Pokemon and Minecraft and that's not exactly exciting.
  7. To be honest hype train is the most fun thing that happens, too bad it dried up. His old Twitch comments are gold.
  8. DK64 will probably win, people (and detractors) want to vote for it because it's apparently difficult. Phil, skipping WWE or COD. Should have played Lords of the Fallen, that was at least fun.
  9. Where have you been? He's married. Sounds like Reddit.
  10. Sen's Fortress would be cool. With the spawners and XP farming inside and role coasters instead of the boulders.
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