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  1. @KGhaleon Don't worry. I have the impression he's speeding through it.
  2. @OnlyIcedCoffee The real one would only say nice things about hitting the vest goal. What are you trying to get out of this? You want to do something useful? Gift Phil the original Nier on PS3. This is where the 50% money from the subs could have gone to.
  3. @OnlyIcedCoffee If you are a troll or not, this is seriously pitiful. What are you getting from it, making fake accounts and trolling random people? The only one being played here is you. With this trolling you are just participating at special olympics. And you aren't even the one winning.
  4. If you make a personal social media account, you are going to use your real information. These people think they are very important, they are very gullible, they do what they are being told. Of course they will put in their real birthday when a website asks for it.
  5. Marvel's Avengers Beta gameplay pt3 (final, it's a mixed bag) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y4s25gwgVdE lol @ShinraRecruit Why don't you ask Phil what score a mixed bag is? Popular franchise. Wouldn't surprise me if it's going to be a day 1 buy. He played worse.
  6. @GuessWhat It got the mixed bag seal of approval. That's 7-8/10. So potentially a day 1 buy.
  7. https://youtu.be/-E_z8g7VU2c?t=719 Wouldn't giving your fanbase a special name give them a feeling of appreciation? That they belong to a family, that the streamer thinks of everyone and not just the few big sea mammals. The Hate Army for example. I think with a fan base name they would feel less as being just faceless view numbers and dollar counts. It could give them the feeling the streamer doesn't just think of people who pay for interactions and Derich. Just my thoughts. But I understand that everything the popular streamers do is bad and wrong.
  8. @GuessWhat How does it feel to be wrong? He likes it so far, says it's simple and fun. Though I turned off the stream after a dumb Troy Baker rant that had zero self awareness.
  9. @GuessWhat Then he would hate every game he plays.
  10. It was OK. It's disappointing the game lacks challenge and is very repetitive. Unfortunately that's not much different from other games he plays. Good for him if he enjoys is. But it only happens if the game is very easy. Wouldn't you watch someone else if you wanted childish over reactions and acting like a clown to attract children?
  11. That's actually a good idea for once. Maybe the guy, who tips under fake names every day to save the streak, can make it happen. Since the vest stopped being a special reward long time ago, this could be a $200 goal reward. The guy with many names would probably tip for that.
  12. This right here is why there's no point to discuss it further. I could explain it a 100 times more, and the response would be still the same. Because you are convinced it's not like that, you will keep finding excuses no matter how many evidence you'll get presented. Just like all the true believers who automatically treat everything the detractors say as lies, and everything the King says as the absolute truth. For them positivity equals to paying money for friendship. Praise the King. Might as well roll with it and get praise the Lord, prayer hands emotes.
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