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  1. October 7 prestream, about politics, is the most noteworthy. But those are things that happen daily.
  2. Prestreams in a nutshell: I have no idea what I'm talking about. But listen to my hot takes. Because I'm right. Everyone else is stupid. I'm so much better than them. Don't listen to anyone else. You are intelligent enough. Only listen to me. You truly get the full experience of being on a cult meeting, without leaving your house.
  3. no glasses This guy sounds familiar.
  4. This is how it's usually done: More realistic ones:
  5. The truth is much more darker. Or should I say special?
  6. Markiplier finally starter Amnesia Rebirth. Too bad the game is godawful. He wants to speak, but the game keeps constantly interrupting him with shitty monologues and story flashbacks. He still managed to make the video fun. It wasn't easy with such badly done game. It's like Soma without the cool story and setting. So you are left with a walking simulator, a cringe story and no horror. This line sums up the game well. I would say that in a way Machine for Pigs is better. Pointless grinding for matches and lamp gas doesn't make Rebirth better. edit:
  7. Something funny. TonyHuge/OIC caught red handed.
  8. This would fall under fair use if he would only upload THIYDP compilations. But he's uploading whole playthroughs. He's nearly fully using someone's else property without permission. Imagine you upload a full movie, but with a webcam in the corner where you make funny faces. Let's not pretend that the intend of let's players isn't making money from uploading playthroughs. This is exactly what Phil's intend was/is too. And if it was any other product, people would have to pay for a license. No, let's players aren't entitled to make money from someone's else work. I had an idea about
  9. One thing I wanted to mention. You play a game. The console outputs a video. You simply record the video and upload it on the Internet. This is supposed to be transformative work? You are not transforming anything. You are playing the game the way it's intended and straight up ripping the footage. Adding commentary on what you are doing, what you see isn't transformative work either.
  10. That's fine, I can understand them. They like it because he was sticking it to the big bad guy. They don't really care how logical that example is. As when he made fun of Projared's situation and people applauded him. My point is that the painting example is way too extreme and doesn't apply to games at all. He acts like he made a whole painting. When in reality it's just slapping his face on an existing painting, while pressing buttons. Then claiming that now he owns the whole painting. The canvas and paints are intended for you to make paintings. Games are intended to play the
  11. Companies can easily claim (in court) that let's players lose them money because people can watch a full playthrough without ever buying the game. This is especially true for story heavy/focused games or puzzle games. They only allow it because it's free advertisement. But if they really wanted, they could force a streaming license. If you want to use pictures of Star Wars characters on your product, you have to pay for a license. You have to pay for a license if you want to use someone's else copyrighted material. So logically let's players would have to do the same. Just pressing b
  12. It was a bad take. But he wasn't completely wrong. At least it made much more sense than the painting comment. what streamers think they do vs what they actually do Companies can easily claim (in court) that let's players lose them money because people can watch a full playthrough without ever buying the game. This is especially true for story heavy/focused games or puzzle games.
  13. Fair use/transformative work is meant for reviews, parodies, fanfictions. Doing/uploading a whole playthrough of a game is far from this.
  14. Had a look at the tweet again. You can clearly see it's full of toxicity and jealousy because of people are getting PS5s early. There's not a hint of a joke. Those are clearly words of someone being mad. Not of someone doing a lighthearted joke. Why do you think Sony and Playstation are tagged? In the hope they will send a free PS5? There was absolutely no reason to tag them. For example EA wasn't tagged in the tweets about being robbed from auto-renew. Else EA could point out you can get easily a refund.
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