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  1. Doing something about the thin skin would be an improvement too. He always says he's the most thin-skinned guy on the Internet.
  2. You need to ask him about it over and over. That's how it works. That's how he played The Quiet Man. Just recently he decided he won't burp and snort directly into the mic. The issue is you want him to make healthy food, he just wants fast food. He just threw his whales under the buss. Complaining they are giving him too much money. LOL This is unreal. John and Howard were talking about Phil sending them random, nonsensical messages late at night, they assumed he's drinking. That explains those random, late night tweets. The "gin tweets".
  3. Man, the COD streams are getting better and better, for the wrong reasons. Listening to the John and Howard podcast again. How they were back stabbed by Phillip. The story of lies and greed.
  4. Also bring back cooking with the king,. Since he loves frozen and fast food so much, he can try to recreate his favorite fast food meals.
  5. Good old Dead Space 2 playthrough. I just watches Borderlands 2 co-op, it was surprisingly fun. Looking it at the videos you posted, the webcam playthroughs are such a step down in quality. No energy in them, constantly asking chat on what to do.
  6. The Hate Navy. I heard the Hate Brainwashing Propaganda section is quite popular.
  7. The last thread mysteriously disappeared. I vote for doing co-op and interacting with people in the chat. Hand holding from 2 people isn't interacting with chat. What do you think Hate Army members?
  8. Home>General Discussions>Multimedia>Anime / Manga>Irrelevant Randomness 4.0 Oh, I found it through the last activity list. The Hate Army forum is dead anyway. We can make it the refugee thread, my fellow Hate Army members.
  9. Didn't know it's supposed to be anime version. That's kinda dumb. Who would guess that from the name? Not like anyone is talking about anything on the Nazi forums. I like this thread better than KG's Nazi thread.
  10. Watching Borderlands 2 Co-op. That's one special playthrough. None of them understands the concept of co-op. John and TheAireaidLord keep running away on their own, while Phil stands on place shooting generic enemies. TheAireaidLord is especially annoying, he runs straight to the boss, then you have to listen to his whiny bitching how it's too hard for him. His voice is annoying to listen to (a common thing). I heard that a lot of people complained about him. John is using the most useless character. They can't follow quest markers or look at the map. Phil spamming fire weapons on fire resista
  11. No, but he constantly cries about RNG and lag when he sucks at games.
  12. Isn't 18 really late to realize that wassling is fake? And that only because of a scandal. 8-12 seems to be the age for most (normal) people.
  13. Unlikely. If Moria knows something, then the information has to come from Fill. You know how trustworthy his stories are. This is DSP, he doesn't think about budget, he just spends everything the moment it's in his bank account. He needs to pay those daily bills. Too bad they took from him the Yugioh deck of credit cards. I did nothing wrong. I did everything correct. It's the trolls' fault.
  14. True. No matter how low you put the bar, thinking he can't sink any lower,he will always exceed your expectations.
  15. You heavily underestimate the laziness and stupidity (especially stupidity) of that guy. This is the guy who is too stupid to use google, or too lazy to ask for a refund. I hope Hollow Knight wins. It will piss him off having to play a metroidvania and a good game. (doesn't sound like a cult at all) Another Tut situation, nice. Fill had a meltdown over OIC. Mentioning him means a ban. He's so blatantly scamming people now it's unreal. Gets $200 first stream. Late stream: "We need to hit the goal, or else I won't have any money. I need to buy groceries, food for Jasper." Pe
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