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  1. This is interesting. Someone made a list of game expenses. WWE 2k Battlegrounds: $40 Crysis Remastered: $30 Super Mario 3D All Stars: $60 Mafia Remake: $40 Crash Bandicoot 4: $60 Rageathon: $16 total: $246 I never realized what a waste of money this is. The cost could be $0 by playing older or free multiplayer games people like. The people who donate only care for the really big releases, if they even care for the games at all.
  2. No. It's a true believer who regularly donates. Like the guy who spammed The Quiet Man, he genuinely thought he was funny. He thinks it's funny because Barry also wears a vest. They don't need much to be entertained.
  3. It's going to be Barry Burton because one idiot keeps spamming it. Like with The Quiet Man. What a great choice of a playthrough, time well spent.
  4. So everyone just quit, lost hope, right? Can't blame them.
  5. Hahaha, look at the new HALO. It looks like shit. Xbox is a joke. Demon's Souls can't run at 4k on PS5? Ugh, who cares about graphics.
  6. Hollow Knight HYPE. This might end up as good as Tony Hawk's PS.
  7. I wonder if he's going to do a full Hollow Knight playthrough, as everyone requests (so probably not). That game looks boring as fuck. So it's a perfect pick. Super Metroid was actually cool. But unfortunately that was just a throwaway stream.
  8. He said he won't play Blasphemous because he doesn't replay games. SF5 is an exception. Because SF5 is a tradition, obviously.
  9. Rewatched the NMS NEXT stream. I must say shooting rocks was more entertaining than watching Mario Galaxy, for example. But I don't think continuing the game would be fun. It just doesn't work when the streamer hates it and can't make his own adventure. Same what happened with Subnautica. Did you notice how chill streams were a big thing, but now they are completely dead. Minecraft only survived for so long because of Papavera. what about that co-op?
  10. There's a thread on Reddit: Why does phil never learn a games mechanics properly?. They talk about why does he ignore tutorials, game mechanics, just brute forcing through games. Playing his own wayTM. Then it hit me. "The more people ask me to do something, the more I don't want to do it."
  11. Among Us -with viewers (since the chance of that is none, it can be played with random people too, game doesn't have voice chat btw.) available on: Steam, Android, iOS (might as well nominate it too)
  12. At least it might be funny to see what a train wreck the Rageathon is going to be. Mortal Shell or Blasphemous? I wonder what shitty game they will meme him to play. Or more specifically, which popular votes get ignored. Also NOT featuring games YOU voted for the most. I thought it wasn't a voting.
  13. Insider info. Because they are idiots. They wanted to see the re-streamer make fun of Phil's game play. They are just stupid. Pretty much exactly what was said. Since it's always the same excuses over and over.
  14. It sounds like Phil is eating a lot of turkey. Turkey is really bad for gout.
  15. No. He's afraid people won't like it because it's not the usual type of game he plays. 3D platformers and AAA walking sims. Aka it's about money. Sounds good. No, not really. After watching the magic run it might be better to not touch Souls again.
  16. Oooooh. Now I get why Mortal Shell and Blasphemous were dropped, and replaced by boring stuff no one actually wants to see. "You can pay $20 for 3 Skittles. If the games end up boring, the Zombie Skittles will DEFINITELY cause rage. HINT, HINT, HINT." So transparent. Already considering dropping Star Wars Squadron. No surprise. It's not another 3D platformer or a long RPG/open world game. Phillip doesn't know that a lot of people voted for Fire Emblem because a re-streamer is playing it, and told them he would re-stream it. Doesn't want to play Monster Hunter be
  17. A lot of people told him they don't want him to play multiplayer with others. Because they want to hear his commentary and the others were stealing the show. The game wouldn't be fun without a voice chat.
  18. Someone had a great idea for a costume, Pinocchio.
  19. The rageathon made it pretty obvious what the stance is So, either you are a Derich or GET OUT! Sounds good?
  20. Rageathon showed the nominations mean nothing. Doesn't matter what they nominate.
  21. Can't find any news on people getting pneumonia on Xbox launch. Now chair is getting toxic. New chair squeaking saga. Oiling the chair should be a sub goal.
  22. April 23, 2021, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One There's still a chance it might get skipped. OnlyIcedCoffee is the most famous troll. The vest streak killer, the wannabe Tut.
  23. bbcode is toxic Big ups DrTonyHuge aka OnlyIcedCoffee who never left. Just be happy you aren't as pathetic as him.
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