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  1. Phil should stop doing this to his only son. https://thecatsite.com/c/never-spray-water-on-cat/ Also if his iphone cable frayed, it's just your usual shitty Apple product. Apple cables breaking on their own is a feature.
  2. Why do you compare every game to Dark Souls? Is there any lore behind the name Paul?
  3. Animal Crossing promotes evolution theory? How was this not censored in the US release?
  4. That it's nothing like Doom. Some people want classic Doom with modern graphics and controls. And because the gameplay loop is shit. Jump, dash, low ammo, chainsaw, low health, glory kill, switch to plasma, switch to shotgun, switch to grenade, switch to RPG, and repeat this forever. You are not playing the game, the game plays you. Because devs make every game like Dark Souls.
  5. Phil has a BDSM emo dog, you have an ugly pink hair SJW, there's a furry dragon that makes commissions. Who designs this shit?
  6. He said he has to play on default difficulty to give his opinion on the game. Why does he pretend any of the current viewers care?
  7. Yes, you would think it's for new viewers, but it's actually for regular viewers. If he stop mentioning how much he needs tips and how to tip, the donations will go down. You know how every time he complains about slow streams (called the call) someone immediately steps up with a big tip.
  8. Phil said he watched a guy who played TLOU like shit. He was wondering how people didn't have a problem with it, how he still manages to get high views. Well, did the guy constantly call the game shit because of his mistakes? Did he curse the devs? Did he say that everyone who likes the game is an idiot?
  9. I would build it like this to make it rounder.
  10. Guys don't forget that people who wear masks are idiots. You aren't idiots, right? Mask are only for people who are sick so they don't infect others. Too bad you don't know if you are sick until it's too late and already infected everyone around you. But who cares. You don't want to look like an idiot, right? You ever thought why people buy sanitizes when they intend so self quarantine themselves at home? It's not like a lot of people still have to work. Btw. only idiots go shopping in the afternoon when the stores are empty. Smart people don't have jobs and go shopping in the morning. Look at those idiots who don't have the luxury to claim waking up at 7am is early.
  11. More talk when you want to see interesting gameplay, and don't want to see Phil play on the default easy difficulty, it means you only want to see him suffer. You are a dirty troll if you want to see fun gameplay. At least he's right that the viewers don't care about the gameplay or games. Of course an idiot in the chat had to agree with it. They just can't miss a chance to get the attention. No wonder the game is hard for Phil when he keeps standing in from of enemies and facetanking every shot.
  12. lol Corona talk is now banned, when Phil was the was who constantly talked about it, then people told him to shut up about it I mean that people had a problem with him talking about it, not with other people talking about it.
  13. I take it as shoutout to the detractors since they do free advertisement for him. The regulars aren't there for the gameplay anyway, they don't mind.
  14. Last 2 streams were 50% time spent in menus. I thought handholding would make things quicker and more interesting.
  15. https://betterttv.com/emotes/shared/search?query=dsp
  16. Why would you fall for such obvious troll?
  17. Doom Eternal apparently has adaptive difficulty. For example. If you are doing well, enemies are more aggressive. If you are low health, they are less aggressive.
  18. It's a game for children that is also played by adults. A game for children played by all ages. Adult Nintendo fans obsess over a lot of games for children, and get very defensive over it. They play games meant for children, no need to be insecure about it. On top of that AC is very popular with women, and people act very surprised when they see a man playing it. There's no need to call someone an asshole if he points out that you play a game for kids (and women), it's just an observation. It is a game for kids.
  19. "Animal Crossing isn't a kid's game...asshole" Is it so hard to admit?
  20. @MoraMoria How can you fall for it so badly?
  21. Lets say it like this, what's the art that makes you think "this is by special people who get special treatment"... That's gamer look.
  22. $10 to troll tip Phil. From a guy who wants him to do and interview with a guy who does documentaries on lolcows. You must be really smart.
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