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  1. Does it really matter for a game designed for little children that is going to be super easy?
  2. Why did people even start calling you the king of hate? I was thinking about it, and it doesn't sound like a positive nickname, I mean it doesn't sound like something to be proud of. Just curious what led people into calling you that and why did you embrace it.
  3. Before it was "Please play <N64 3D platformer>". We finally ran out of those. Now it's "Please play <PS1 3D platformer>". I can't shake off the feeling that you could insert Code Vein here. Since he started to irrationally hate it out of nowhere. edit: I guess it's that silent majority (and so the big contributors) prefer popular AAA and games for children over indie Anime Souls.
  4. Endings A to E are the full game. Only route B requires you to replay some stuff. C and D are the main endings, based on your choice. If you get C, you only need to replay the final battle to get D, and vice versa. E is a minigame at the credits. You play it the first time, you get ending A. You restart the game, you get ending B. You restart the game (you continue after ending B), you get ending C. You replay the last battle, you get ending D and E.
  5. Nier and Nier:Automata aren't the same game. Nier:A has 2 major endings, the rest is meaningless. Everyone simply wants him to finish Nier:A, that's not hard to understand. He only played half of the game.
  6. TLOU2 review: "9 times out of 10 you are going to be needing sneaking around and surviving" (against enemies) From what I saw 9 times out of 10 you are going to be casually walking around, looking for crafting items, doing basic crafting, doing basic platforming. Watching TLOU2 and Spongebob back to back, it was like watching the same game, the gameplay was nearly identical. "Neil Druckmann is the George Lucas of game development, he made an amazing masterpiece" LMAO I didn't know Neil made the Souls series.
  7. Something about that people only want to see him suffer playing Souls game. Apparently a random idiot told him that (silent majority I assume) so it must be true. That's why people didn't want to see Sekiro NG+, not because the game sucks. True fans want to see positive things like the vest. No one from the silent majority asks for Code Vein. Maybe it would be different if Derich asked. He said people asked him to play NG+ in Dark Souls. So he played NG+ in Sekiro. People obviously didn't care. But that somehow confirms they only want to see him suffer.
  8. The majority of fans vote for games for children though. Or you mean that one time he plays a game for children like Spongebob and other time a game for mature adults like TLOU2.
  9. When people ask you to play PS2 games and you say you have no way to capture the video from old consoles, why don't you emulate them? You only need to own the game. You don't even need to own the console. Never mind. He also said he enjoyed the Code Vein demo and is excited to play the full game.
  10. The fans like games for children is more accurate. edit: More specific, walking simulators for children. @GlammyOspreylian Is this supposed to be sarcasm?
  11. And then another platformer for little children is going to win again. I doubt Witcher 3 on hard mode or actually finishing Nier:A is putting a twist to it. The suffering. Real fans nominate N64 platformers, not Souls games. He said he's going to finish BM when Xen is added. Now if he actually does it...
  12. Decided to watch Dark Souls magic run playthrough. Maybe it's really better not to touch Souls games anymore.
  13. I liked the first one better. It had more SOUL. I hope both get used.
  14. Let's celebrate another win for cancel culture.
  15. Yeah. This is going the route of ReviewtechUSA/Quatering. I already had the impression he's envious of those Youtubers from how much he adores Quatering and defended Keemstar. We even on the cancel culture train: It' typical #metoo shit. Guy who wrote it is a whore and has metal issues. He did everything on his own, nothing happened to him, now he decided it was sexual abuse.
  16. backgrounds extracted from old Youtube, for prestream slides
  17. Why doesn't Phil make a channel like TheQuatering and uploads the drama and politics segments on it? LOL Is Phil seriously only replying to Derich during the retrospective? That's some VIP status.
  18. Do people really think this? Best gameplay of a generation Mostly a walking simulator and collectathon, a pathetic excuse of a stealth game. Best world design of a generation It's just a bunch of rubble, grass and water. The most generic post apocalyptic world. edit: Noticed this. Do you agree with Papavera? You could argue about the commentary part.
  19. the reason for the thread: I better not comment on it. But it reminds me on those Corona takes.
  20. Snorlaxz just isn't Derich. I bet if Derich asked, it would be OK. Poor Derich, had to spam cya like 10 times yesterday until he got noticed. Just sad. No time. Studying Spogebob lore takes priority.
  21. Like? His chat complains constantly about every game he plays. Maybe the issue is somewhere else.
  22. Oh no. How dare you criticize overhyped AAA shit made for people who want to watch movies.
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