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  1. Fire emblem three houses Banjo tooie The last story
  2. Alan wake playthrough part 1 or change to live stream 2014
  3. Hello Phil hope your good, do have any idea when the time comes to buy a new computer which model or brand u you personally like. Also, knowing your problems behind the scene do you feel your audience is helping you, always remember your not alone.
  4. 1. fire emblem 3 houses 2. banjo tooie the ones I nominate
  5. Hello, Phil hope your good man I wanted to ask have you seen a surge in your audience ,after the quartering interview, because I was one of those people that did not know you much about your story well until you did it. I wanted to say love your interactive stream style is something that has meaning for us your fans rooting for your success as a content creator. Also, what your opinion on the absurb growth of the sjw and woke culture on games and other types of media? Like for example the attack on the joker, mandalorian, and the crearion of a gender free controller of Google stadia?
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