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  1. Can always play something from the Kirby series. They're usually pretty lax in difficulty, but have enough bright colors to keep people occupied.
  2. Y'all ever noticed that Genesis is misspelled Geneis? Might wanna fix that. Or delete it.
  3. No you didn't. You sat there and said that you weren't going to continue until someone told you how to defeat that boss. Then someone told you. I was there. Then you banned me after the stream.
  4. I rarely do~ That said, I couldn't give a dragons' ass about most so called Triple A games. I am partial to the occasional weeb game, yet I'm gonna hold out of the Final Fantasy 7 remake as I have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied for now. Plus I have a couple things I started and need to finish off. Plenty of weird little indie games both on console and PC to keep you occupied. Or, play games where there isn't a preset protagonist and you get to design your own custom character. Fighting games have a huge roster of characters to choose from, raging from pretty inspired designs to
  5. Indeed. Simple solution though. Quit supporting games that you feel have uninspired or lackluster main character designs. Encourage others to do so too. EZ
  6. Another reason to vote for Lisa, is that the series has a soundtrack that absolutely slaps:
  7. You can say the same about Generic White Male game protags that seem to be dime a dozen. But if you want more flamboyant character designs, stick to animu gaems.
  8. And it also doesn't help that there are certain rules and things the streamer actually says that puts a clamp down on what conversation can be had in chat. How many times have you heard that the chat has been derailed because viewers are no longer talking about the game being played. People just wanna shoot the shit sometimes.
  9. Lisa Sock Account, no...! TwT Ask for help from your Russian Hacker friends or anyone to help rig the votes! Granted, he does have a choice with Diddy Kong Racing as there's a Nintendo DS port, but frankly it's inferior to the original. Mostly because of some of the voice acting choices they made. Like Taj. He went from having a jolly Indian accent to a rather bland, boring British one. Get the N64 version, do it for OG Taj.
  10. It *is* a very good game. However, it's not the kind of game that Phil is used to. It's rather punishing; goes in deep with no lube. Has some very weird, bizarre and disgusting moments. As well as sad, depressing, heartfelt and parts that will have you questioning your morals as a player. and has some very sinister and dark undertones and themes that may go over his head. Probably why people want him to play it. Because it'd be great watching him lose his temper and mind playing it. It'll be the most delicious train wreck.
  11. Took a break from Animal Crossing, played some of Doom Eternal's battlemode. I like being a skeleton. doot
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