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  1. Missingno is makin' it all the way to finals, kids~
  2. I've learned personally that attitudes are infectious. If you surround yourself with negativity, you become negative. If you surround yourself with a positive light, you become more positive. Considering the dude spends a lot of time alone talking to text on a screen without really interacting with actual people bar his wife. This is no doubt adding fuel to the fire. Maybe he needs to take a while out to figure out what he needs in his life to improve his overall attitude, mental health and a healthy homelife. This takes time. Trust me, I know. I went to therapy and started taking some medication and my quality of life, mental health and attitude has improved ten fold. It took a long time to get to this level, but I encourage a lot of people to consider this. tl;dr - I agree with you and the guy should dedicate a lot more time for some soul searching/personal help.
  3. Absolutely love my Switch. Easily became one of my favourite consoles in a long, long time. Even if you could argue that's it's a handheld with an HDMI out, the fact that I can literally pick it up out the dock and take it with me to work is great. My PS4 barely even gets a look in these days. Sadly it's nothing more than a YouTube machine these days. Also, port Nier Automata you cowards.
  4. I have a bunch of old comic book single issues I'd gladly sell to someone on here if they're interested? Most of them are from the DC New 52 reboot, Marvel and Marvel Now and a few indie/other publishers like IDW. Considering I just moved and a lot of stuff is still in boxes, if anyone is up for picking up a few to either boost their collections or pick up the odd issue they're missing, gimmie a shout. If there's enough interest I'll write an inventory of what I have. Got a couple of boxes worth, so no doubt there will be something that might interest you ;3c
  5. Severely doubt it. It's a shame really. As both Morrowind and Oblivion have twenty times more character than Skyrim ever did. Plus the expansions to Morrowind where also absolutely delicious~
  6. All settled in at my new place today. PC and Switch is all set up, got the rest of the day off and I'm back to work tomorrow. Takin' it easy~
  7. Yeah, you can put me down. Does me bringing up the classic Doom games count as a personal vote too, or can I not vote for my own suggestions?
  8. Playing Killing Floor 2 solo is fine, but it's better via co-op. More enemies and general action. I've got it on my PS4, too. So hit me up if you need a wing man.
  9. Neither. Rakuga Kids wins, hands down. It has a teddy bear that is also a tank. He has other military hardware/animal friends he uses in his special moves.
  10. Doom, Doom II: Hell on Earth and Doom 3 all launched for most current generation console; Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbone. They're pretty cheap and good for a laugh if you crank up the difficulty. Merry C-Rip and Tear-mas~
  11. Wouldn't say grossed out, but he's been using the same kind of music for a long, long time now and has not aged well. The majority of them pretty much sound like hodge-podge Fruityloops tracks which most people would probably cringe at if rediscovered on some long forgotten hard drive. There's some pretty interesting royalty free music out there you can use, or purchase some stock stuff as a .wav from numerous online resources. Hell, just download some free Vaporwave albums and drop those in a ten minute break or afk moment.
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