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  1. Took a break from Animal Crossing, played some of Doom Eternal's battlemode. I like being a skeleton. doot
  2. My copy arrived today, gonna wait until it's a little later on in the evening before I crack it open. That, and I'm a little worried that the game will be sidelined for Animal Crossing like Doom Eternal did. Granted, I did play a bit of the multiplayer yesterday, was pretty fun.
  3. So when does the voting end? As I'm really looking forward to the the inevitable Lisa rage quit.
  4. Easter Egg hunt, for unique furniture and gifts.
  5. Probably straight up ignorance to be fair. Most microphones have mute buttons, as well as streaming software has handy little buttons to push to mute. Maybe he just doesn't realize that the numbers on the streams are actual people, you know?
  6. Nah, just rare. But rain ups the chance of getting rarer items. I've kept three as I want to give them to CJ, so I can get a model. As nice as it is having a live one in my house, the fish tanks themselves kinda leave a little to be desired... I hope you can get different ones later on.
  7. It's been raining on my island, all day. Been fishing like a mother-fuck. Oarfish and Coelacanth for days~
  8. And the currency is nudie magazines. And horrible things happen.
  9. It's nice to not have to get up for work, wake up on my own time and have my cat sleeping there next to me with a face like ^w^ while purring. Comfy little critter. Shame the other half is stuck at his place, it'd be nice to sneak off without waking them and make a little breakfast buffet for us both. Then kick back, watch YouTube, play vidya and slob around for the day.
  10. Lisa: The Painful would absolutely eat him alive. This. Vote for this.
  11. Please don't encourage them... That said, what is PETA's hot take on the whole situation. Kinda curious. To be fair, I didn't think they'd have an opinion on the matter considering they tend to stick to referring to things in pop culture than more global events.
  12. We're all talking on an internet forum, we're all guilty of this.
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