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  1. Nah babyman just think you're a fucktard.
  2. Amiibo's at least have SOME value, Phil is even dumber for buying all those useless statues.
  3. All this talk is irrelevant cuz Phil doesn't even make good raw, unedited, live entertaining streams. 2 hour horrible pre-streams where he constantly plugs giving himself money mainly, a daily mid stream break for 20+ mins as if he has worked SO hard he couldn't possibly go on without a break. Long insufferable moments of silence throughout his streams, crying about no one talking to him, and WHY? Because you ARE BORING and your stream is BORING so people would rather talk amongst themselves. Dude literally falls asleep in his own streams LOL. Need i say more?
  4. Babymangaming you are a fucking retard period.
  5. And Phil will prolly just block him and hide and make up more dumb lies to tell tomorrow.
  6. So Phil went on one of his usual tirades last night, as usual blaming everyone else for his problems. But amidst the lies in his tirade he claimed "detractors" cant actually point to any concrete evidence of him insulting his viewers or why ppl hate him. Well 1st of all WRONG. But i'd like to present some evidence: Lets see hes a lazy liar who thinks he is the hardest working man in show biz LOL: I mean we can go on an on really. Me personally? No Phil i don't not like you cuz "its cool to hate Phil" To me you are lazy, always got some excuse why you need everyone to give you money instead of working for it yourself like idk any other grown ass man. You insult your own fans, and i'm not talking about ppl who come to troll you i mean your actual fans who for some reason give you money. You hate on anyone else that isn't you, like with the DR. Disrespect thing, instead of maybe idk just saying congrats to him and moving on no you just can't resist can you "idgaf about him" i'm sure you'd of loved to say more, like how you hate Ninja and Pewdiepie, and i know why you hate them because you think you deserve what they have more than they do. Anyway with the nice lil Piggy search engine Phil there is no hiding contradictions to EVERYTHING you said last night.
  7. This didn't age well LOL with them forms out huh? OMG never laughed so hard...what with his 5k-9k expenses a month...ya freakin right what a lie. Anyway don't expect Phil to actually play any good games, his fans are either A. too stupid to know a good game if it bit em in the ass (see what that moron said "i dont like jappy games" yep sounds like something a DSP fan would say "jappy") or B. Phil wouldnt know a good game unless everyone else told him, but also remember Phil does not follow the hype even tho he only plays popular new games lmao....
  8. And thus another thread proving why so called "detractors" think Phil is a complete asshole and anyone with half a brain can see that. Also Phil you have zero room to call anyone overly sensitive. What with you being so sensitive your ego can't even handle something as small as losing in a Street fighter game without making up a laundry list of excuses, which somehow carry over to a multitude of games. Tip: Don't throw stones when you live in a glass house.
  9. 1. Hollow Knight 2. Hollow Knight 3. Hollow Knight 4. Hollow Knight 5. Hollow Knight 6. Hollow Knight 7. Hollow Knight 8. Hollow Knight 9. Hollow Knight 10. Hollow Knight Top 10 nominations!
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