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  1. Bummer so many people troll him that just setting up something like this has become slim. Ive tried emails a few times and got no responses so I'll just take your advice and leave it as a no. Thank you for your help. Maybe Phil will see this in the future and respond to me ?
  2. Is the suggestion of a meet and great off the table before a collab? Im all ears for any suggestions from your end.
  3. RamzaTheon

    Idea for Phil!

    Hi Phil Ive been a fairly recent lurker on your twitch channel and noticed alot of people talking about having co-op games or some collabs, I myself am not a streamer but play some games thought that maybe we can get together on my off days from work and try out a multiplayer or single player with commentary from two people? I know you would be hesitant to even consider the idea, Ive seen how trolls go above and beyond. so I suggest a meet up first, we both live in Renton so perhaps we can meet at the Berliner and feel it out from there? its a relatively close German Pub, good beer! and if things dont seem up to par we can just split from there! Thanks for taking the time to read this Sincerely, Ben
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