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  1. You think poll position matters? Need I remind you Code Vein was at the top last time and what happened to that? It is pretty entertaining. I can tell you now Phil isn't going to play Fire Emblem for the same BS reasons he probably removed Catherine for. As for Diddy Kong, that's going to be boring to watch since he's just going to save scum through most of it. I guess a lot of people forgot but there are quite a few races where the A.I is ridiculous.
  2. Yeah, there is a few. One is if you take a drug called Joy then you'll get the bad ending. There are more but that goes into spoiler territory It's been a while but I think it was around 10-11 hours.
  3. My boy Terry got kidnapped on my playthrough
  4. Basically Earthbound + Mad Max in a sidescroller
  5. Because it's " Phil's Choice" not " Viewer's Choice " despite what the thread title says. There was no reason to remove it and honestly it should be on the poll and given a fair shot. He did the same thing to Lisa last time too with the excuse being " He never heard of the game before " lmao. Defeats the whole point of 'Viewers Choice' people picking out games they'd like to see him play or games he'd never try out on his own. None of this matters, Im willing to bet despite what ever wins he's just going to pick Diddy Kong or Banjo over it anyway :/
  6. Seemed like a perfect fit, it's story is really good and the game doesn't take that long to beat
  7. Lisa The Painful ( Steam ) Nominating this again since Phil wrongfully removed this last time just because he " Didn't know what the game is "
  8. Terraria ( xbox one or PS4 ) - It would be a great game for chill streams Lisa: The Painful ( and get good ending by not taking the drug called 'Joy' ingame) - A really fun and unique RPG on Steam. Also, it's pretty cheap to buy
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