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  1. HOLY SHIT.....You got to be kidding me So Phil's excuse for Ryza is " It's too boring " and " too drawn out " What happened to that bullshit line he tries to feed us about all the other boring games he chooses to play where it's " Not about the game! It's about the interaction with his viewers! " Not only that, it's not like he has to do a FULL playthrough of every game that wins. Look at Stalker and Visage for example. This event is SUPPOSED to be a reward for the fans for ONE DAY. If he doesn't like one of the games, fine then he doesn't have to keep playing it. The absolute hypocrisy is insane here. He literally QUIT Danganrompa because it was too boring, yet that's " ok to vote on " and that meme game DK64 is just as much of a slog too As for Lisa's excuse..... " I don't know what that game is so I removed it " Gee Phil, I wonder why? Oh yeah, because it's VIEWERS CHOICE and not " PICK ONLY GAMES YOUVE HEARD OF " What's the point in even offering this event as a reward to fans when you're just going to cherry pick what you want anyway? This was supposed to be a special ONE DAY event for the FANS. The " I don't know that game " is the weakest and most bullshit excuse I've ever heard. Well Phil, in that case you better skip any new game that comes out from now on since you won't " Know what they are "
  2. So explain why exactly did you remove Lisa and Ryza? Both of which had 4 votes from the poll and yet you included Batman, Ace Attorney, AI and No More Heros that only had 3? Stalker getting removed I understand since you hated it and already played it but there is no excuse for the others
  3. Terraria ( xbox one or PS4 ) - It would be a great game for chill streams Lisa: The Painful ( and get good ending by not taking the drug called 'Joy' ingame) - A really fun and unique RPG on Steam. Also, it's pretty cheap to buy
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