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  1. Somehow I cannot edit my post above, but I wanted to let you know that my ps3 arrived today and the so called big scratch in the discription was just a tiny scratch on the back of the console so everything is fine. thread can be closed.
  2. Hello Forum, I bought a used ps3 slim on ebay, and it is damaged on the upper case. Does maybe someone know where I can buy cases for the ps3 slim 3004A online and I need a onlineshop who will ship items to europe. Thanks :D
  3. King K. Rool - Donkey Kong Country
  4. Dying Light gamebreaking bug was funny in my opinion :D http://youtu.be/-T3L0Tdo97Q?t=3m13s
  5. I am not angry or so if you think that :) maybe I understood the term"that is a lie" wrong. However, I know what you mean by those diehard fans and I am not one of them, if he is wrong he is wrong, if he is right, he is right, simple as that but true, those kind of fans you mentioned exists aswell and that is a shame In my opinion. ​ ​Finally someone understands me. Thank you. That is exactly what I am trying to say, when we see that he tries to improve, we have to mention that he does try and that we enjoy the improvement he made, like going open minded in a game, listening to his fans etc.
  6. ​ On twitter I cannot tell about that yet because I did not read it, but I belive you. Ah about the Dying light stream I am aware of that people are sceptical about phils change and they have reason to, I agree on that aswell. I can force myself to burp aswell but my burps actually does sound different. Regarding the fans, I was not lying, that is how I feel about that. Speak up just do insult haters or defending Phil is not what I mean by speaking up, I wish they would discuss more and give more positive and negative feedback.
  7. ​I know that phil NEEDS feedback, positive AND negative. I do not want to miss the negative feedback at all! I was just trying to say that I will focus on positive feedback because in my personal opinion it does not change much if he gets the same negative criticism he is already aware of. Maybe I was not able to give people a proper description of my point of view and I am fully aware of the negative things surrounding Phil and his work. I do totally agree with that.
  8. ​No, what I am trying to say ist that there are tons of people, who thumbs up his videos, like his posts and so on but they never speak up! That is what I would love to change, but can't. When yesterday did he called people morons and so on? Because it was not on the stream of Life is Strange. But what I do know that he does called people moron sometimes and so on since 2010 I believe? I doubt that this is going to change but sometimes you can really see that he tries to pull himself together in his playthroughs. I did not say that critics should "join the group" of people who already say posi
  9. ​You guys do not want to understand my point of view at all right? I did not say that YOU or other people never should criticize him. Criticzism is important, I know that and I do not want shut down critics BUT I think there are so many people out there that criticize him enough that I personally think that I don't need to criticize him. We all know that he is late on sometimes, that he rages, that his videos may be to short for alot people etc. and Phil does know that aswell. But in the end it's up to Phil if those things changes or not. I basicly was just pointing out that we as a fanbase sh
  10. ​Look, I am not discrediting people who try to help and want the best, but I think we reached a point where we should stop say what Phil has to do better and so on. We as a fanbase gave Phil so many tips in what he could improve and how he could improve certain things and since he does not adapt alot of those things, we should rethink our strategy in helping him. That is all I wanted to say but what you do is not the right way either, you as a fan cannot tell other fans that they are unwelcome and that is clearly what you said to me, that he needs less people like me, altough I try to help p
  11. Why should Phil improve? Haters gonna hate, no matter what happens. In my opinion phil does not need to improve, but WE as a fanbase should. I mean for example look at his thumbs up and thumbs down on his videos, more thumbs up then thumbs down, so I'm asking you why arent the people who thumbs up his content, commenting on twitter to let phil know that we are here and we like him. Or look at this Forum, the most things that are listed here is about dealing with haters, how Phil should improve, what Phil should make different ant so on! I think first of all we fans should Improve! Favorite his
  12. Phil is the first youtuber I started watching in general! Another Awesome thing is that he finishes games pretty quickly, while covering alot as possible. I also like his commentary alot, he is very funny. And to be very honest, I also DO like when he rages :D
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