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  1. You either die a DSP fan or live long enough with his lies to become a detractor
  2. Isnt it sad that DSP has more thin skin than Wings?
  3. 2Kitty

    Mod Staff

    I don't think giving mod to an actual functional is gonna do good for his chat
  4. Do you miss Phil so much you just spend his off day looking at ancient forum posts on a dead website? Kinda weird
  5. A video from a decade ago is AMAZING proof... The only way to do MP with Phil is if you stream snipe him
  6. This will be an epic This is How You DON'T Play
  7. Just insult Phil, or bring up "detractor memes" and he'll ban you
  8. This has done more goodwill for Phil since the Pro Jared stuff. GG Phil
  9. I wish Phil boxed Wings instead. If Logan Paul and KSI can do it, why not DSP vs. Wings?
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