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  1. I tend to wait until Phil finishes a playthrough, and then I watch it on Youtube. I am a long-time fan and Phil has given me countless hours of great entertainment. But I just have to say that I watch the Secret of Mana playthrough and was REALLY disappointed he didn't finish the game. I feel like part of the deal for the fans that watch every single bit of the playthrough, is that Phil will make a best effort to finish the game. And honestly, he didn't here at the end. It's hard for me to watch a lengthy playthrough if I can't be sure that he will see it through. Replaying that last dungeon might take and hour or two. I know this was not a highly watched playthrough, but I'd like him to "redeem" this playthrough one day, not by replaying the whole thing, but by going back to the last save spot and finishing it out. I'll just add, I also just finished the Far Cry 5 playthrough, and it was super enjoyable.
  2. I thought Bully was one of the most fun ones. I feel like RPG-ish, semi open world games tend to match up with his personality and playstyle well, as opposed to, say, hardcore stealth games, which aren't his strength. I also enjoy his sports game playthroughs, although I may be in the minority there. I still laugh when I think about "THEY BENCHED ME AND WE LOST" in his first NBA playthrough.
  3. I've watched Phil's content for a while, first time posting here. A lot of this thread puzzles me. Phil runs a business. He makes gaming-themed youtube videos, just like other people make pizzas, for instance. If you like Phil's videos, you essentially "purchase" the ability to watch it by having to spend a small percentage of your watching time viewing an advertisement. If you don't like it, you patronize different content, just like you don't buy a pizza at a restaurant you don't enjoy. If I particularly like a certain type of pizza, I try to frequent the restaurant, not only to eat the pizza, but also because I know it will keep the restaurant in business. If the restaurant decided to take donations in addition to selling the pizza, there doesn't seem to be any reason why that would make me more or less likely to buy the pizza when I wanted it. After all, it is always completely up to me whether the pizza is worth it. To fixate on the pizza-maker's personal life and spending habits is irrelevant. Neither I nor the pizza guy are looking to become soulmates or best bros; I just like pizza, and he likes to make money off the pizza. At no point when the pizza guy is making the pizza or when I am eating it are either of us pretending to make a social or cultural statement. If Phil made a product that didn't interest me, I wouldn't start patronizing it simply because he happened to be a patriotic Eagle Scout who gave all his money to the poor and helped old ladies cross the street on a daily basis. If I am interested in what he offers, then I'm not sure why I should be less interested even if I were to learn that he was a junkie with swastikas on his wall and a gambling problem. And if Phil got to a point where through views, donations, etc. that he could drive a Bentley and wipe his butt with $100 bills, I'm not sure how anyone is losing there. So I understand why he's gotten prickly when people who watch him play video games start asking him when his girlfriend is going to get a job or why he drives a BMW instead of a Ford Fiesta. It's rude and quite creepy.
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