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  1. Which 2 are the actual ones leading since this poll has been compromised by idiots making alts....
  2. Hey DSP, I am a BIG WWE fan and I know you've been into the WWE for a long, long time and know a lot more about it than I do. I know recently you've talked about how you don't get into it as much as you used to, and enjoy it more now that you are no longer a SMARK. For this one question can you put your SMARK shoes back on and give me YOUR WrestleMania 36 dream card? Thanks man!
  3. You could do a poll on the site and on twitch and look how they compare. Looking at the last poll you did it got around 150 something votes. Here is how to make the polls on twitch. You can also make them sub only so no trolls vote on them as well and it would give another incentive for people to sub to your channel https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/how-to-use-polls?language=eng and if you don't trust links all I did was google twitch tv polls and it was the first option
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