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  1. Phil (and Rambo providing co-commentary) taking on the Undertaker in the WWE 2K14 Streak mode. Whole vid is great but particularly from 12:00 till the end, the last 4 minute stretch with Taker messing with you guys is hilarious. Hilarious moment the game crashes and Phil loses his progress in Don't Starve, From 7:50 to 14:00
  2. My nomination is when you (with Rambo providing support) tried to defeat an overpowered Undertaker in WWE 2K14 Streak mode. The dual commentary whilst you guys take on Taker is hilarious. WWE2k14 Launch Sims - DSP vs. THE STREAK! Specific funny parts if you can't watch the whole vid are from 12:00 onwards till the end of the vid, there's multiple moments of hilarity that Taker pulls on you guys in that last 4 min stretch.
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