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  1. @JeffBezosRightNut Oh yeah totally, everyone that puts stuff online is going to have negative feedback, it’s just gonna happen. Yeah that’s what I meant. Laughing at negative videos is one thing but like Phil said in the past, it causes people who take it too far to do stuff like swatting @MoraMoria I guess I didn’t explain myself, what I was referring to mostly the people laughing at Phil crying. It’s one thing to laugh as he dies in a game over and over or something. I don’t think that’s particularly vicious but laughing at someone crying over a nice message they receiv
  2. For someone that seems like a long time fan, shouldn’t you have gotten used to it by now lmao.
  3. I’m sorry if talking about this is disallowed but I felt like this was the best place to post it. Lock it if needs be and even talking about this is gonna be kinda rough but here goes. I feel like laughing at a TIHYDP vídeo or whatever is one thing by itself but it gives ammo to those with issues that take it too far. I saw a small clip show up on YouTube of Phil reading that heartfelt message a fan sent to him and they were all laughing about it in the comments. I don’t usually respond to comments but I did this time and of course it fell on deaf ears. Everyone was telling me to sh
  4. Hey Phil! Just a quick question. I was wondering if you had an idea of how to make detractors into fans of yours? I heard all the negativity online so I decided to check your content out for myself and not follow the crowd. I watched your Sun and Moon and Firewatch playthroughs and I had a great time and it seemed like you had a great time too! I then saw your debunking the 9 years of hate video last year and have been a fan ever since. You’ve made me laugh in times when I really needed a pick me up so thank you Phil! Thank you for using YouTube as an archive for people like me who l
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