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  1. Film release delayed due to virus. _______________________________________________________________ VPN Sai Mannat AnyDesk
  2. Right now I'm playing luigi's mansion 3 and I'm enjoying myself. ____________________________________________________________ TweakBox word counter Tutuapp
  3. I didn't like WOW and Warhammer Online. The main flaw that I blame them is that it's too repetitive and that you don't feel like you're doing anything. Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox
  4. ZeroTwo and Sakurajima Mai are the best anime girls for me. ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro
  5. A nice game same system as a Xenoverse, with a big Mortal Kombat inspiration against DC or even Marvel vs Capcom, or Street Fighter vs Tekken, in short nothing original
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