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  1. Just burn the thread. #Random Thoughts 4.1
  2. Sounds like an insane rave party! I'd check it out.
  3. Get a part time job making less or continue the entertainment career you created and kept going for more than a decade. Lol not a tough choice.
  4. If Marvel gets a DC license... I can't even imagine.
  5. I guess that means they'll really ramp this season up for the last season premier. Hopefully going to be really good.
  6. Great show. I can't stand waiting for the next episode. I'm going to watch the entire show in one day later in April. "The 10 episodes will conclude on April 20th, 2020"
  7. Maybe a false report made them do a retraction.
  8. I don't tell the mods what to do. I thought the account was so old that it must not be a rule.
  9. Mods could have an impersonation rule and just slap down that page. Obvious inactive troll like you said.
  10. That looks pretty neat. They even make adapters for PC I might have to get to use with emulators. http://www.mayflash.com/Products/PCUSB/PC048.html
  11. Could have been a glitch. I'd proceed with caution still.
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