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  1. Okay, now its just boring. At first you caught my attention for flinging shit and flailing around. Now its just half ass trolling. If you have anything to say take it to DM.
  2. This must have really pissed you off to take time out of your "busy" schedule to make a fake post. Keep crying.
  3. Looks like I upset somebody... that fake message take you very long to write in your busy, real world life?
  4. AC....Assassins Creed? But last game was 2018 (when I checked Wikipedia).
  5. If laughing at you desperately trying to fling shit at people equates to you telling people to not post things you wouldn't personally do... Tu Che?
  6. lmao Just sounds like you dictating what others should do online. If he said it's because he wants to, then you would be telling him how to behave right after. You're just after an argument.
  7. You'll do anything for an argument. Random thoughts and here you are "critiquing" it without self awareness. A post asking why somebody else posted...lol You're really trying, I can see that.
  8. It's a formality, and he only said a name. If you told him your name was "Tim" its not like he'd run a background check. As long as you're a kind person I don't think an alias matters much here.
  9. More than the NASA podcast earlier
  10. Because your example was funny as hell. BUMP
  11. The fuck are you even talking about? It's an internet forum. You're not an employer lol, get over yourself. Nobody owes you anything.
  12. Let me guess, the twist is the "dad" Isn't actually the father.....?
  13. Big Papa.V Is a valued contributor of Minecraft knowledge and schematics. Do not so easily toss him aside. (Don't blame Papavera for interacting with DSP.)
  14. Just burn the thread. #Random Thoughts 4.1
  15. Sounds like an insane rave party! I'd check it out.
  16. Get a part time job making less or continue the entertainment career you created and kept going for more than a decade. Lol not a tough choice.
  17. If Marvel gets a DC license... I can't even imagine.
  18. I guess that means they'll really ramp this season up for the last season premier. Hopefully going to be really good.
  19. Great show. I can't stand waiting for the next episode. I'm going to watch the entire show in one day later in April. "The 10 episodes will conclude on April 20th, 2020"
  20. that's really big i'm sorry...
  21. Maybe a false report made them do a retraction.
  22. I don't tell the mods what to do. I thought the account was so old that it must not be a rule.
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