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  1. I don't know bro. Calling other people obsessed while you have pages and pages of just DSP and talking to yourself is ironic. Also kind of nuts...
  2. Oh these are yours? Someone PM'd me this out of nowhere. now this makes perfect sense. Do you just talk to yourself in here?
  3. Found a pretty eye-bleeding and stroke inducing forum: http://moramoria.boards.net/
  4. And you attributed nothing to the conversation about PC or games. just about movies that nobody cares about you watching. Please don't bother replying because I not only won but you are derailing which is against the rules. Please don't do that again. Thanks.
  5. The topic is "do you have the epic games client on PC". not "Why you don't have the Epic Games Client." Read.
  6. Omg the post is about the Epic game client. Not about emulators or movies. Stay on topic. Thanks.
  7. If either of you do it again i'll just report your post and thread as irrelevant and that will be that. Don't bother replying because I won't respond with words, just with a click on the button labeled "report" and just prove how big of an idiot you are. Okay then.
  8. Please stop bumping up old threads for no reason. Thanks.
  9. No even just for a super fast gameplay experience. Sometimes just to enjoy the game itself you have to play it on something else.
  10. I doubt it. With his financial problems I am surprised he hasn't shut this place down yet.
  11. How come every Switch port is garbage? Every. Single. One. Daemon X Machina has frame drops, Doom looks horrible on Switch, MK11 is almost unplayable on the thing, and lets not even discuss Overwatch. I understand Switch wants to have more than Mario games but if all the rest of the games are going to be bad and people have to purchase a better system anyways..
  12. Can you read/understand Japanese? Does it have English subtitles?
  13. Yeah, me too. Thats what I said before. I'm not trolling. You're just angry at your own situation.
  14. I was thinking on the perspective of feeling great for spending time or doing something special for a person you care about even if you spend everyday with that person and do things all the time. I think people throw their distaste for the "commercialization of Valentines Day" as a defense for their own depression or loneliness.
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