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    Has anyone else scene this movie? I saw it back in the day but can’t remember anything about it. I think I’m gonna check it out today.
  2. That’s why we need to change it brother. And people need to stop acting like that shitbag hacker is acting. God gives mankind the internet and instead of using it to build, they use it destroy and oppress. The fuck? “You can act like a man” - Anthony cumia as al picino
  3. Whoever is behind all this horseshit is FUCT. An example will be made of them.
  4. https://www.thedailybeast.com/prince-harry-and-meghan-markle-report-multiple-drone-flybys-to-lapd-will-now-pay-for-own-security Tony the Tiger sarcastically says “Grrrrrrreeeaaattt!”
  5. Did you write this? You’re the coolest!
  6. https://www.breitbart.com/asia/2020/05/26/chinese-netizens-claim-americans-are-eating-coronavirus-dead/ seems legit. #ChinaUncensored
  7. https://www.yahoo.com/news/charlamagne-tha-god-reacts-joe-162949019.html Ewwwwwwwwww @ Biden’s comments. “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Why does the Democratic Party demand all minorities to vote for their party no matter what? Not that the Republican Party is perfect but the Republican Party doesn’t have a very clear history of tearing America apart since it’s inception like the Democratic Party does. The Democratic Party also has a track record of running unqualified or repulsive human beings
  8. Snoutfoot


    As a rabid history buff I felt it was only right to start a history thread. Cliff Notes version of History 101 aka The Cosmic War by Joseph P Farrell.
  9. I know the feeling all to well. Something tells me we’ll have more then enough time to do our homework. Try your best not to be overwhelmed by the redonkulously overwhelming tasks at hand. We were built for this shit, literally. I’m of the belief that there’s absolutely nothing we can’t accomplish working together. We could even dunk a basketball with a little teamwork. We need to set the example for everyone else. We...
  10. Have you ever practiced any martial arts? I wrestled for about 10 years starting when I was 4 years old. My pops was a huge WWF fan and I wanted to do wrestling to make him proud. When I moved from Pennsylvania to the Jersey shore in 5th grade, my wrestling coaches already knew who I was and called me the Living Legend lol. I feel as though Akido is the best martial art anyone can learn. And if you’re interested in striking people, Muy Thai > everything else. What I love most about Akido is that you never have to strike anyone. There’s something sublime about using someone else’s rage and a
  11. Scuf needs to hurry up and drop their version of joy cons already.
  12. I beg you miss, don’t let the locusts consume us... to the 4 people who gave this a thumbs down...why? For real, why? The people should never say “well, you could build a school or something!”
  13. I told you I’d bug again...have learned how to kill God yet? Jeru agreed...“quarantine is not a productivity challenge, I’m gonna say I don’t agree with that, I think this is the time you should be your most productive, Idol hands devils workshop...that’s what they say so ima gonna say...” I humbly request you check 4:40 if you decide not to treat yourself to the full experience! Thankful I am.
  14. You!!! https://youtu.be/fEK4FttsCTM Me thinks He made this for US.
  15. I’m experiencing technical and 15 year old scotch difficulties just like me posting a pic of Saigon’s first rawkus record featuring Buddy Christ, A personal message from Saigon and my infamous Air Johnnie America’s. My Lady, this is the end of... Get ready for... “Cross streets where reality and hardcore times meet/in my youth I was a wildcat, put my tires in reverse and get some miles back” “Never mistake my kindness for a weakness “ SALUD!
  16. Hey there babe! Did you know bad boys goto New Jerusalem aka Nu Jeruz aka New Jersey? (So do BAD BITCHES). I can confirm 2/3 and suspect the third at a minimum owns property in Jerz. The Negatron Don aka Just Blaze is from Patterson NJ and can confirm Muslims were celebrating 9/11 on the Patterson streets. Knowing what I know, I would have been cheering too. The Legendary Kool G Rap hails from Hammonton, NJ. And I’d be shocked if Saigon doesn’t own at least one property in the promised land, it’s not his style. The letter P...just like PHONY I also recommend the enl
  17. You know I can’t do it without you girl.
  18. I can do this OLD ASS routine BLINDFOLDED.... matter of fact...let’s even the odds for THE ALMIGHTY!!!! That clown can bring any 10 33 1/3 or 45 rpm records that play...I’ll take 1 minute per record to skim in my headphones, then an additional minute per record to drop tape...then someone can blindfold me and I’ll make a routine up on the fly that is better then what I just linked. Frederick Knudson can do a documentary on the whole event. I’ll personally finance it. Who’s the OG Rascal now? ;) ”Sound good? - Sounds good to me!”
  19. I’m all for it!!! I don’t care who the judges are as long as they’re well known and respected DJs/turntablists...the judges will have zero impact on Tevin being exposed as the PHONY COWARD HE IS. I can get Roy Davis Jr to judge too, he’s a house DJ from Chicago. Or how about Jason Kennedy, the jungle DJ. Fuck it, who are Tevin’s musical idols? I bet I get at least some of them to come point and laugh at tevin’s long dirty finger nails having ass too HahHa I’ll even donate $1000 to a charity of Tevin’s choosing just for showing up. Let’s do it extra grande!!! Brin
  20. I challenge you to a $10,000 cash DJ battle Tevin. You phony coward. I’ll get ?uestlove, RJD2, Statik Selektah, and DJ Drama to judge how badly I embarrass you. I know you’re broke as shit and live with your mommy, so I’ll let you wager ALL of your DJ equipment and the 11 records you have in place of $10k. And I’ll DJ blindfolded and only use vinyl.
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