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  1. I honestly would like to know why too. The times that anyone of importance is around or watching like his wife or Twitch mods he doesn't do it it, but normal everyday he does it all the time. Does he purposely annoy his audience or he just doesn't give a fuck?
  2. Lmao this trailer is 7 minutes? I couldn't get past the first one. If you need this to exercise nine times out of ten you're already too fat for any of these "workouts" to actually work. "It really makes you feel like you're exercising!" Then go exercise pansy. @KGhaleon will still buy it because Nintendo and in hopes of stopping him from being a midget.
  3. I just don't get how he was riding Ninja so hard about coloring his hair and playing kids games for money while playing Minecraft and Animil Crossing and putting on a vest and cowboy hat when a tips goal is hit. Yet I don't get most Twitch viewers who pay money for such things. I couldn't imagine having the mindset of: "Yeah. Instead of buying the system and game to play myself, im going spend $200 to watch some guy play it while talking about his life drama and hopefully don't get banned for asking questions about it in chat." Whatever floats your boat I guess..
  4. Imagine being this excited about playing a children's Nintendo video game at 36 years old with no kids or girlfriend. Anyways, looks like the coronavirus checks come in this month. Pretty much what I payed out im getting back this year but I wonder how that's going to affect my 2020 taxes..
  5. Charity streams can't be done because that requires money that he could of received be given to other people. Can't have that in DSPLand. I'll give this guy a few more "investigations" before he's arrested. Legally or not.
  6. Gotta give credit where it's due. They actually listened to me. But always be wary of typical Nintendo bullshit like one save per Switch or some shit.
  7. Is this even called "review bombing" anymore when the negative reviews reach the same number as the positives?
  8. Orrrr a good old fashioned save state. Yeah because Nintendo has their thumb on the pulse of fans. They've encourage fans to make videos and content all the time. oh wait..
  9. Buy a second console to "Play Animal Crossing Properly?" How come I can't play it properly out of the box LOL? And just look at the comments: Heartbreaking. I'd be pissed if I didn't know how Nintendo works. And this is at NINTENDOLIFE.com. Nintendo fanboy central. Imagine what others are saying in other comment sections on less biased websites.
  10. Damn the bad reviews of this game are increasing faster than the cases of coronavirus.
  11. Not in non-quarantine conditions in real life, on my end at least.
  12. Nah. Just like the aesthetic of the photo. Shows someone who was practicing social distancing long before it was popular. Either that or the crowd around this guy completely ignored him despite having a camera and standing off to the side laughing at everything they we're saying.
  13. I don't know is the guy in my avatar attractive you? He's a bit of a complete coward and might accidentally get you banned but he's wild about dicks. Horse dicks in particular. I'll send him your info.
  14. You need a boyfriend. https://www.reddit.com/r/estoration/comments/fnb2ak/is_this_photo_salvageable_this_is_a_photo_of_my/
  15. You still quoted me so obviously you are? And who is this @KGhaleon? Oh wait you don't have an account on KiwiFarms, Twitter, or anywhere else but know all this information about people. The guy that got owned off Twitter and the forums for years because he doxxed a fan is calling others "cowards". That's rich. You will continue to read everything I type. Since I can't find anything about this being fake, i'll take back calling you a thief until proven otherwise. I have to ask, where did you get the original photo from? Nevermind, Got it.
  16. Your desperation is pathetic. But you will keep going. LOL. Anyways, more bad reviews.
  17. I made you go from insulting people with mental diseases to sex-deprived gay edgelord LOL.You will keep typing and doing what I want you to do. Your weak mind won't allow anything else but self-embarrassment.
  18. Im sure it does along with idiocy and embarrassment. It's just in your nature. Keep typing LOL.
  19. Thanks for admitting you're a bottom bitch. LOL keep typing and embarrassing yourself.
  20. Now its just video's i posted before LOL. You're done here. Maybe homosexuality is still edgy to you because you're 12 but it's 2020. Try a different angle next time. Don't go to bed too mad. LOL. Man this review is... not really good? And why did everyone else get one and review it 6 months ago? What if DSP either bought one or got donated one and doesn't want it to be claimed by his bankruptcy case? I just don't see Hori donating a controller after so long for an Animal Crossing game. Might be wrong though. Has good reviews.
  21. "Oh no, he owned me with words! Let me let him know i'm gay for the 20th time" Lmaoo keep going. Keep typing, I love letting your weak mind defeat yourself publicly. LOL. Ah look another game too complex for the Switch, even though its like 10 years old.
  22. And what does that make you stumbling over what you call an "autist" move? A regular idiot or an autistic idiot? It doesn't matter, your weak mind is doing exactly what I want it to do. Now continue to wait for my reply and type some more for me. LOL. Anyways saw the Tiger King doc. Meh... Just some stories about overzealous animal lovers and drug addicts.
  23. So you're a DSP fan / gay pervert who gets angry at Phil ignoring your advances to slurp him up and suffers from a fake disease while laughing at @KGhaleon's illnesses. Okay. It's just too hilariously easy to just wait and watch people eventually own themselves. Don't bother replying because if you've read this far, I've already won. But you'll do whatever I want you to do anyways. LOL. So anyway's i've heard Animal Crossing has flat-lined in sales. Guess even the corona-virus can't stop the game from being completely boring.
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