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  1. Similar thing happened with the drunken peasants. Phil seems to scapegoat detractors as a get out of jail free card for anything.
  2. Those people pay hundreds to be a power tripping idiot on a twitch stream, I don't think phil has to worry too much.
  3. straightcashomie paid his way into modship. but then again you never see a mod that hasn't donated or cheered to a streamer.
  4. To be fair, it's the streamer's job to entertain and interact, not on the chat to entertain the streamer. If people aren't talking it's because phil is not making a good enough effort.
  5. Nobody in the stream chat is interacting with me or contributing. I think this is a sign the stream has run its course, I don't want to play anymore.
  6. Even after people have told them they don't like it? Is it just rude and disgusting? He's shown that he can control it like in that call where he was polite, why doesn't he afford his audience the same respect, considering they're being generous and supporting his lifestyle?
  7. That'll give him time for more positive interaction with chat, and to have fun with the game and understand its mechanics, seeing as in easy mode they always drop hints. As someone who barely pays attention to the game because his attention is split between it and the chat, this would be worth it. Plus, his reaction time and skill isn't too great for fast paced games, so this will make him feel like he's accomplishing stuff in game.
  8. Phil would never get good art for his prestreams because he wouldn't want to pay any artists.
  9. If you donate to phil, you're not a troll. You're a fan who supports him and keeps him going. Detractors know that phil is at his best when tips are low, nobody is donating and he's in a very salty mood.
  10. There's really no specific online pattern combo that just works online, obviously the opponent was just able to do their regular bnb and phil couldn't react to it. The rages are funny but the annoying thing is when he says "this isn't earned" when phil himself is new at the game and doesn't have a clue about the mechanics.
  11. I didn't do that, online pattern, medium shouldn't beat light, random super, random x, he's mashing! It makes me think that the only fighter he was ever good at was super turbo, and he just can't adapt to opponents. When they punish him with a raw super because he wasn't being defensive he says it's random. Also, I've never heard of an online pattern combo, nothing like that really exists in modern fighting games. I think Phil would enjoy himself if he admitted he was not that great and just tried to have fun instead of making excuses.
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