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  1. really looking forward to danganronpa its been too many years without playing it
  2. i dont see why talk about his tips goal should be in the youtube videos since you cant see the twitch chat in a youtube video all i want to do is sit there and watch how he plays fire emblem but instead its about the vest streak and its really obnoxious and ruins the videos suggestion for @PhiI please keep talk of the vest and tips goal out of the youtube videos because we already have the leaderboards on screen every video now its getting annoying to listen to the playthroughs in the background because of all the vest and tips goal talk
  3. am i the only one who is starting to think the vest is getting to become a problem....it used to be he would get the plugs out of the way in the prestream but now the entire stream is dedicate to counting tips and mentioning the vest constantly ...yes people in the chat might talk about it on a night stream if tips are low but dsp could easily ignore that and focus on the game but instead its "looks like wer're not getting the vest tonight its the end of the streak" every 10 minutes ..chill streams are no longer chill because he's constantly reminding people they need to give more money and its taking over the entire stream and i think its ruining the content
  4. Nier: Automata (Finish the full story-Endings B & C) Danganronpa V3 code vein astral chain lisa the painful darkest dungeon Ruiner
  5. the game that was in the lead before the cheating was fire emblem three houses
  6. is it possible to temporarily disable new signups to the website for the duration of the viewers choice events? that way only people that already had an account could vote
  7. the forums are no good for doing viewers choice it has to be twitter polls or something
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