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  1. Sigh... I really should know better but it's Sunday, I'm stimulated and I don't particularly tolerate being lied about. This is what we like to call a lie. Generally, people say them to hide things that they've done, or to skew facts so that it favours the argument they're trying to make. I get the feeling that Phil doesn't actually remember the opinion of his fans at that time and just made this sentence up to strengthen his argument. Therefore, this falls into the latter category. Between 2011 and 2014, Phil, John Rambo, DSPGaming, these forums, were my life outside of my life.
  2. That link is clearly for the Google Domain, are you stupid?
  3. I will second that BSV spent the best part of 45 minutes arguing with viewers in the chat before banning them when they wouldn't back down. I had to leave the stream as it was very frustrating trying to chat about the stream. I probably won't be posting again on here for the foreseeable future, so I would like to say that I would really enjoy it if perhaps a Metal Gear Solid 3 or Dead Rising 2 Redemption run were to take place as I have really enjoyed this one.
  4. It's just funny because the Artorias fight you literally just Poised through most if not every attack. It was quite shocking to be honest. For most players that fight is a game of cat and mouse, but you're taking attacks on the chin that would put most players into a stun state. They did nerf heavy armour sets by quite a lot at one point. You used to be able to wear the Dark Wood Grain Ring with just 50% equip load, giving you the best fast roll in the game. A lot of stuff got nerfed actually. I think it's fair to say that you might not have the best perspective for this though. You
  5. "I don't really care about Poise though..." Quote of the playthough, lmfao.
  6. In general, I like that he's playing it his way. I find the fact he has 49 endurance and continues to level it both infuriating and refreshing. Optimised Souls is boring Souls unless it's LobosJr, or Santzo, or Distortion. Hand-holding is usually over trivial matters and few and far between enough that you can enjoy him actually discovering things regularly. I also think the commentary has improved slightly as the playthrough has progressed. He sounds a lot more genuine. I wish the playthrough had been harder earned, instead of building his character to revolve around the BKH, but it woul
  7. It depends on the enemy. High enough poise damage or DPS and it won't matter. But it's laughable watching the hollows by the tunnel toward the undead burg try and kill you now.
  8. k. Love how you're trying to derail the topic and make this a personal vendetta by the way. Very classy.
  9. What are you talking about? I originally said that it was fine to use the Black Knight Halberd as part of a "legit" playthrough, and that using it didn't stop the playthrough from being legit. Today I've referenced DSPs, frankly, insulting behaviour to people who aren't enjoying the playthrough anymore due to his reliance on a very strong weapon, suggesting that he should probably treat them better, and not automatically throw every negative comment onto the "I am a DSP Hater" bandwagon. I haven't said anything on the matter of the Black Knight Halberd since my first comment and
  10. This is essentially what I was trying to say but in fewer words. Really nicely written dude.
  11. That's insane... There's only two chances to get a Black Knight Halberd before the end of the game and you got them both. Fucking hell. That said, ultimately, it's on you if you ignore feedback from your viewers, and that includes them feeling that using a weapon that's allowing you to steamroll the game is spoiling the playthrough that they're invested in. You're not just playing through the game, you're producing a series of videos for entertainment for people who are dedicating time to consume it. It's your playthrough, you're allowed to say no, but that doesn't make people giving feed
  12. It's designed to be a new game plus weapon as your chances for obtaining it prior to the very end of the game are incredibly low. But Dark Souls is about fairness and having the same rules, so by putting the occasionally Black Knight around Lordran (that makes sense Lore Wise) they also can't take away the possibility of getting one of their weapons. Kind of disappointed to hear about O&S as I genuinely believed Ornstein's agility would give him a bit more trouble. Meh, hopefully the Four Kings wreck his face :)
  13. True, it doesn't, but the Basement Key does tell you that it opens the way to the lower burg. But I'm being pedantic, we have different opinions clearly.
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