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  1. It's great that people forgot that a virus is going on.
  2. I can confirm the Switch ports of Bioshock collection and Borderlands are perfect.
  3. Zelda BOTW is a drug, and should be illegal.
  4. Zelda Breath of The Wild. Persona 5. Darksiders 2 Remastered. Bug Fables.
  5. i feel like im never going to get to playing BOTW, like i just order a motherboardm and CPU for my PC to play games on it, and the games are long that i downloaded.
  6. so basically just play Diablo 3 on Switch?
  7. I use the Joytron 3rd party brand.
  8. The 3rd party Joy Cons I have are better than the official one. :)
  9. sad thing is this Troll Sock account doesnt know i have a SFF PC, but it's ok he'll get banned again soon, and then he'll make another account and act like someone different. and history will repeat itself.
  10. he called my a retard for Overclocking my Graphic Card, when it's states on the box Overclock Edition.
  11. ok welcome to my ignore dumbass prick
  12. LOL Super Paper Mario was good, what are you smoking, also hi again Nintendo Hater, im guessing this is like your 5th or 6th account?
  13. how the mighty have fallen, so this is Brett after Cow Chop. same warehouse, different people (except Brett)
  14. got my 1650 GTX Graphics Card and i am now working on overclocking it, without having my PC set on fire.
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