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  1. WTF, i heard that Cuties shows a Female's Child's Tiity. WTF
  2. well its done, i bought the CPU, after all the research i did, its better then the i5-3570, about the same as the i7-3770 maybe %1 to %2 weaker, and the total price was $48.
  3. i would have to get another motherboard that fits my PC Case also.
  4. i did some more research, and found out a Xeon E3-1240 V2 is better then the E3-1280 V1, and the same as an i7-3770.
  5. i consider the Wii U Port of Zelda BOTW gimped, due to requiring their BS Motion Control by Gamepad.
  6. i changed my mind, i may get a Xeon E3-1280 instead of a E3-1275 its a bit better and like $2 Cheaper.
  7. the Xeon really isnt for servers only.
  8. sexualizing of young girls bad. sexualizing of young boys is ok, looking at you Good Boys.
  9. Netflix only likes shows, like Cuties.
  10. im using an older Gen of i5 the 3rd gen (the best one of 3rd Gen), it runs games decents, but i am looking at either an i7-3770 or an Xeon E3-1275 (like the i7-3770 but cheaper)
  11. i got the wrong CPU it seems, guess i will wait to upgrade.
  12. i think i bought the wrong CPU i should have bought the i7, and not the i5
  13. what i mean are actual PC games, like Metro Exodus, it shows on Youtube them getting 70FPS on High Settings, and i have the same Specs as they do.
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