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  1. at this point why doesnt he just play the games he wants to, instead of these fake polls?
  2. cast Kevin James as Joel for TLOU show/Movie
  3. you're big talk, let see you make a Youtube channel and videos.
  4. IGN is shit at scoring games, but go ahead on wait for Gaylo 5000 to release
  5. ok play, Yoshi's Wooly World for the Wii U
  6. did you try Super Paper Mario?
  7. i will say the Graphics look good.
  8. So 5/10 for being fucked up?
  9. did you like the Nintendo Direct Mini?
  10. it would be interesting if these "bosses" were hidden optional bosses, and the main bosses were cool/better looking, but its NIntendo, 1 step forward 5 steps back
  11. since my Switch doesnt want to read from an SD Card anymore, i went back to my PSP, such amazing looking games for the time
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