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  1. To be honest, as long as he's not offensive, I feel like Phil shouldn't change the way he tweets. Every few days, you can expect of throng of some of the most mind-bogglingly thoughtless, narcissistic and sometimes downright stupid tweets on the planet. Keep at it, Phil, because you're making a lot of people laugh.
  2. Yeah, the number of the tweets bashing Minecraft make me worry for his attitude when he actually plays the game. I thought Phil of all people wouldn't just say what he thinks is the case about the game rather than actually doing some research and finding out what the game's really about. He's made sweeping assumptions about the game's quality and capacity to be enjoyed which I think will probably hurt his commentary when playing it. If he's changed his mind dramatically about Minecraft, fine, there's no problem with that. But people aren't going to forget your previous opinions and when the prospect of making more money entered the mix, I can see why people might start to think that he's forcing himself to do it for the views and the $$$.
  3. Of course at a basic level, nobody can really argue that Phil isn't a professional gamer/"entertainer"/etc in that he does this stuff as a profession. But with the term professional come many other connotations which shouldn't be ignored. As Xephyr22 showed us, the meanings can extend beyond just the basic one. Now, I'm not saying that all the meanings have to go hand in hand, but I think that the meanings Xephyr22 mentioned are the kinds of professionalism that people don't see in Phil's "work". Sure, gaming may be his profession, but perhaps he should go about that profession in a way more thought-through, careful manner.
  4. Yeah, his recent display on twitter was disgraceful to put it lightly. In recent weeks, Phil's twitter has actually been remarkably free from any kind of rudeness, negativity or general nastiness. I just don't get that even after blocking pretty much anyone who opposed him in the slightest, he finds a way to show that he's no better, if not worse than them. In interactions with his detractors, you'll often see or hear Phil use the term "immature". Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but does it befit a 32 year old man to stoop down to the level of calling people "sick" and "mentally ill"? That sounds like the behavior of a 12 year old to me and so Phil calling anyone "immature" is just laughable. Not only is it immature, it's frankly insensitive to the seriousness of real mental illness as opposed to some people joking about him on the internet. You've all seen Phil's attempts to seem professional: referring to what he does as a "business" or looking for ways to improve the quality of his videos' presentation. That's all well and good, but what about when people see his twitter? A true professional in any field does not act that way. Ever. If you see something you don't agree with on the internet, the best way to deal with it is either to ignore it or to explain (in a polite way, mind you) your point of view without acting like a child. Phil's inability to do that makes it hard to take some of what he says and does seriously and it fuels the criticism and parody of his detractors. If Phil even reads this, the one thing he should take from it is: you're an adult now. Act like it. That isn't meant in an insulting or derogatory way, but it's a piece of advice that I think needs to be taken on board. ​Lol just saw that. Another example of one of his blatant lies.
  5. ​Sounds good to me! Obviously stuff like applications should be your priority but it's great that you're already familiarizing yourself with the language. Good luck!
  6. ​Damn, it's a shame you didn't get the chance to learn the languages you wanted. I hope you manage to find time to take them up sooner or later. And you're absolutely right about motivation. With any language really, motivation is the difference between finding it a chore and always hungering to learn more.
  7. Latin was actually a main subject at my previous school and I did Ancient Greek in an extra-curricular thing. I enjoyed them both so much that when I came into the school I'm at now, I chose to study them both further.
  8. Just thought I'd let people share their favorite snippets from @TheyCallMeDSP To get the ball rolling, one of my all time favorites is "I used to sleep easy knowing the future was an uncertain but positive road. Now i play games and pray they somehow catch on w/an audience" :'(
  9. ​Ah, I see. Thanks for the info.
  10. ​My bad, it just looked that way from some people's profiles. What other stuff does it count?
  11. "Thank you, you worthless humans, for the views!"
  12. When you look at people's profiles, the number of posts they've made is recorded by a "content count". Now we all know the relationship between Phil and the word "content", but wouldn't it be more accurate to say post count? It would prevent people being led to believe that it counted anything besides posts.
  13. English: 5 (native language) French: 4 Russian: 3 Latin: 4 (don't really speak it but am pretty confident with comprehension) Ancient Greek: 4 (same as Latin) Italian: 2
  14. Liking it so far, but there haven't been too many moments which really made me go wow. Not quite up to BB's standard, but from the plot so far, I'm confident that they've got some aces up their sleeve to develop it in future episodes.
  15. Favorites: Action/adventure (such a vague genre, I know, but I enjoy a lot of games labeled as that), FPS, sandbox, stealth Least favorites: Fighting, racing, sports
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