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  1. I think these Death Battle guys have a thing against anime. So if Nightmare wins i'ma flip tables and shit. .......(actually i'll probably just pout)
  2. ​I have no idea what this is but it looks awesome :D
  3. ​Yeah, playing the game properly. LOL Just use your gun to interrupt her attacks. You'll need to learn the timing but it shouldn't be hard. Also keep locked on and stay spacing. If she raises her arms for the laser attack keep side dodging (its safer than running). She's not hard. Just a hard hitting damage spounge.
  4. Yeah m​y twitter exploded with SOK guys talking to me so yeah I'll lay off lol. It'd still be nice if DSP could admit he was wrong once in a while but y'know......
  5. ​I think learning to use the gun is his main problem. There was an attempt he made where he actually spaced himself and dodged fairly well. But he never does anything but run in and mash attack. He needs to get the big damage from gun stuns.
  6. I always used a thing called motion joy i'm not good with this stuff so i never tried to get it to work wireless.
  7. Nah, just mindlessly doing the same thing over and over without any thought or strategy is what makes DSP's content so creative y'know? You're just a close minded elitest bigot if you say otherwise. Anyways i'll lay off before God_Revan gets upset with me.
  8. Indeed.​That and good timing with the gun and charge attacks. ​No, not like this.
  9. ​Ebrietas Daughter of the Cosmos is destroying Phil because he never learned how to play. She's one of the easiest bosses in the game you just need to avoid being hit. When you do nothing but be a tank yeah that will be an problem. How it's done. aka NOT TANKING
  10. There's problems with that though. But i don't want to be negative so i'll say nothing more.
  11. ​When are you going to get it? Nobody wants to watch anymore over half the views for the playthrough have gone and they'll stay gone because you didn't listen to our advice and instead called us elitists bigots and tried to make fun of us on your pre stream. Maybe if you weren't such a wimp when it comes to difficulty people would be more interested. >.>
  12. ​Considering the amount of new stuff and that it now has hi res textures at 1080p i think $40 would be fair but then i'm pretty much a fanboy. Still hoping more content gets announced. ​You could import it from play asia. There's also a limited edition with an artbook and soundtrack which i'll probably pick up. They even have it available for the XBONE so it's very strange that it isn't seeing a western release. http://www.play-asia.com/devil-may-cry-4-special-edition-e-capcom-limited-edition-paOS-13-49-en-70-8p4l.html
  13. ​Ah okay Porings i'll try remember that XD
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