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  1. DSP recently said that the trolls were the reason why he missed his chance at playing Street Fighter with Kenny Omega, but apparently Kenny Omega knew of DSP before that? Not only that, but apparently he made from of him in 2016 with this tweet? Did Phil exaggerate the story?
  2. If a company treats their employees terribly, there is a chance those employees will go on strike in an effort to see change within the organization. Otherwise, things stay the same. He has hit 20+ vest goals with this crude behavior included, so he has no reason to change his ways.
  3. I've been playing fighting games for years and I've always found joy in watching Phil make excuses for losing and gloat when he wins. I'm going to try and break down the things he does bad in his gameplay — He jumps way too much Jump is a risk because it leaves you open to attack because you don't have any defensive measures. Unless there's a defensive mechanic in the game, such as parrying or air blocking to make it less risky. He throws out moves or EX moves without knowing if they'll connect I've watched several videos of Phil throwing out random moves living
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