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  1. Hey Phil, been a fan for a long time. Up until now I've only had a Wii U and PC for gaming and been happy with both, but E3 this year got me interested in getting a PS4. I haven't paid attention over the past few years to console exclusives because I couldn't play them. My question to you is what PS4 exclusive games should I get with my PS4? So far all I know that I want is The Last of Us and the Uncharted collection this Oct. I also never had a PS3, so if there are any collections or remasters that you suggest that would be appreciated too! I trust your reviews and I would love to hear your s
  2. Hooray! Now we (PC Gamers) get to pay $60 for a nearly 2 year old game! I know it will be the enhanced current gen version but even is still around 6 months old. It is just frustrating to get getting dicked around. I'll just wait until it is like $20 on Steam.
  3. Kuzon

    Team Fortress 2

    Discuss all sorts of relevant TF2 things here such as: What class do you play?Hats.Post your loadouts!Favorite maps?Hats!Tips and Tricks?HatsMaybe even share Steam info to friend each other and play together.
  4. Yeah, this was the first thing in the game to give me some real trouble. What was really slowing me down was getting the stray fairies. And I totally forgot about the Shiekah Stone. I'll have to check that before I try again.
  5. I think Phil is going to have one hell of a hard time today in the Great Bay Temple. I tried it last night and I ran out of time and had to reset it. It is such a headache to figure out how all those levers and shit effect the water flow. Plus for some reason that temple always gives me trouble with my camera angle, which usually isn't a problem for me.
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