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  1. Phil has been making $200 a day from tips alone for the past 91 streaming days and he has the gall to go on his prestream and complain that it's not enough? That's more than management at most retail stores makes. He just sounds so ungrateful, it's unbelievable. For those who don't want to math; that's $1,200/week, $4,800/month, and if things keep going the way they are $57,600/year from tips alone. That's not even counting cheers, subs, patreon, merch, and ad revenue. If we count the subs and lowball it by assuming they're all tier 1 subs that's roughly another $1,200/month or around $20,000/year. So, not counting cheers, patreon, ad revenue, and merch Phil is making around $77,600/year and complaining about it. Just for the sake of clarity.
  2. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who want an easy way to play these games legally.
  3. Phil thinks he handled the sex scene in TLOU 2 with maturity? He may as well have just gone "EWWWW COOTIES!" with how maturely he handled it.
  4. I will there are people who take it too far, but there are also people who think Phil could do a lot to improve. From what I understand the issue people have with that "debunking" stream is that he didn't actually debunk anything. He essentially did what he always does, denied things, and asked everyone to take his word for it while refusing to present any evidence or proof of anything. This is pretty much what I would've said so I'll just let your post be it.
  5. I'm not even talking about TLoU2, I'm talking about how you've complained about almost every game Phil has played this year. You seem to hate everything.
  6. I haven't seen you say anything positive about a single game. At this point I have to assume you're just trolling because you can't possibly hate every game.
  7. Interesting how there can't possibly be a legitimate reason for it. And seemingly just because Phil said so.
  8. The main IRS office in Washington, D.C. is open though at a limited capacity. The local IRS office in Washington state may be closed, but I'm not certain about that. I think it's likely that's what Phil's tax attorney meant, but Phil took as the IRS as a whole is closed. This brings to mind the incident with the games journalist a few years back where Phil said they called his detractors mentally ill when they never did. Just Phil misinterpreting what he heard and exaggerating it.
  9. Oh that's easy, no. But Floyd isn't the only one the protests are about. They're also about Breonna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, and the myriad of other people who died as a result of police brutality or excessive force. They're about broken system that's been broken for a very long time. Does that justify rioting? Not really, but I would say it makes it more understandable. I mean, what do you expect people to do when they've tried protesting and voting for decades and still no one, from either side mind you, does anything to fix the problem?
  10. YouTube only does the the pre-roll and post-video ads, not midrolls. Back when he was with an MCN they put the ads on his videos. This was all Phil.
  11. Phil's going a little crazy with the ad breaks ain't he?
  12. People practically begged him to play it on hard, he just wouldn't do it. Phil's still gonna struggle further in anyway because he doesn't do strategy, he brute forces his way through every game he plays. Hell, he already died on the first mission.
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