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  1. Not much of a rage-a-thon if he's only going to rage at one game in the whole thing
  2. Why can't you two just let people enjoy things? You think 3D All-Stars is shit, fine, whatever, just move on already. It's getting tiresome.
  3. It's likely a union thing and they just couldn't get the actor back
  4. Phil really needs to learn the difference between "game is bad" and "game isn't my thing". Avengers is, essentially, a Diablo style looter RPG. For fans of that genre the grind is the appeal. You grind to get high level equipment and perks so you can mow down hoards of enemies, often with your friends. Destiny is pretty much the same thing, just with a FPS skin on it. Phil was never going to like it, but that doesn't make it bad. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to understand that "I didn't like it" doesn't necessarily mean "it's bad".
  5. Believe it or not, Nintendo fans would prefer to play their favorite games legally without owning 14 different consoles Yes yes, I know, the only games adults should be playing are either hyper realistic or super violent. Anything else is for children. I suppose Marvel movies are also for children, I mean, they do specifically make them so that children will be be able to watch them too.
  6. Imagine thinking colorful, cartoony games are "games for children". Oh well, enjoy your grey and brown "adult" games fellas.
  7. Elaborate? All he's doing is saying his ear hurts. Plus, he's skipped day one views on new releases before.
  8. It would be nice if Phil would just say it's his wife's birthday and he wants to take the weekend off for it instead of pretending to have an ear infection
  9. No, just no. Phil's a cynical, jaded asshole, not what they're looking for. He's not what you'd call fun or engaging, at least not in the way a TV network would want.
  10. You haven't noticed that any time there's drama Phil's viewer count goes up?
  11. If you want the most likely answer, he's not causing drama at the moment so the detractors are getting bored. The numbers you're seeing now are his real viewers.
  12. It's cute that you think that when the man includes a DMCA update on every schedule now because he's terrified he'll lose his Twitch channel to trolls DMCA claiming his stream
  13. Superhound wanted to fuck with Phil and did that, now Phil's afraid to use a pfp or header in Twitter and turned off clips and stream archives on Twitch.
  14. Yes, I would. He's basically doing exactly what the guy who struck his header and pfp wanted.
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