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  1. So I'm pretty sure I figured out why Phil was removed from the Twitch partner program. Phil will probably dispute it and call me an idiot but I think I can conclusively prove it. First off, Phil reading the email he got about it out loud on his stream, sourced from his own video on his own channel: What Phil reads here says, verbatim, "Notice of indefinite suspension and termination for Darksydephil. Pursuant the content license agreement dated...that I guess I signed in late 2016...between you and Twitch Interactive in respect to your Twitch account Darksydephil we're terminating your
  2. I just think it's hilarious that Phil gets angry about being raided rather than being at all appreciative. He's only making himself look bad, plus the new viewers wouldn't stick around long after he starts acting like an ass to them for having the gall to enter his stream.
  3. Are they not allowed to discourage people from breaking street date?
  4. DSPGaming is dead as a YouTube channel. At this point the best thing Phil could do with it is rebrand it as a full-on stream archive channel, stop breaking the streams up into multiple videos and just upload entire streams to it, and put a splash screen at the beginning of all of them saying "This is a stream archive! Catch me live at Twitch.tv/Darksydephil 6 days a week!" or something like that.
  5. Remember kids, anyone who says nice things about a game Phil doesn't like, even if he hasn't played it yet, is just a dishonest paid shill. It is 100% impossible that they genuinely like the game, it's just a complete impossibility. The only honest people share Phil's opinion of everything, anyone who thinks differently than him or the people he follows is a liar. https://twitter.com/TheyCallMeDSP/status/1331336877329137664?s=20
  6. I get the feeling you're one of those people who thinks adults aren't allowed to have fun. I pity you.
  7. That's for the bundle that comes with the remaster of the first game, and I would say it's well worth $50.
  8. Here, now you won't have to wait until 3 1/2 hours into Phil's stream for him to finally turn his PS5 on
  9. The logical explanation is that Trump and the Republicans spent months leading up to the election telling his supporters that mail-in ballots were rife with fraud, don't trust them, don't use them, vote in person. So they listened to him and didn't vote by mail. Biden's supporters however did. Trump led at first because in-person votes are counted first then lost that lead when mail-in votes started being counted because mostly democrats voted by mail. It's that simple.
  10. Phil's a mature adult guys. He's super mature. Really really mature. So mature that he changes a thread title because he can't stand negative criticism.
  11. Which salt? The salt from the right if Biden wins or the salt from the left when Trump tries and fails to fight it?
  12. It's looking like Biden might actually pull this out. NV, WI, and MI are enough to put Biden at 270 and leave Trump sitting at 267. Trump will absolutely fight it though, which is stupid and pointless.
  13. Just a few things in no particular order: Save Little Hope for the marathon instead of insisting on day one views, and play through the whole thing in one sitting Prerecord the DSP Tries It and play it during a break instead of taking an hour to go get it Don't take nominations just to ignore them and pick whatever he wants Take shorter breaks Make sure to have an OBS scene for each game ready ahead time instead of setting things up on the day Look into the multitude of indie horror games available just about everywhere
  14. That happens because he just bans anyone who would dare criticize him on stream. So you're only left with people who either don't voice their disappointment, who Phil assumes are joking and actually like it because he trusts them, and people who just blindly praise everything he does.
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