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  1. Exactly. It's not like he hides either.
  2. He's not scared of going overtime, he's just very stubborn and anal about his schedule and heavily money motivated. Last night is a good example, transparently going 25 minutes over because he didn't think he'd made enough money.
  3. Gotta love Phil. Nearly every game you've played has struggled to bring in enough money? Must be the games! Wouldn't want to consider that anything else might be the problem. Just ask people to give you more money and threaten to stop playing whatever game had bad contributions. That'll fix it!
  4. To my knowledge there's also a recording of the phone call they used to get his bank statements. That's probably a little harder to fake, but believe whatever you want.
  5. Calling him a beggar is a bit harsh, but it's not entirely inappropriate in my opinion. I mean, his strategy for getting people to tip him is just to talk about how he can't pay his bills and needs to hit his tips goal every stream to be okay. That said, it's still kind of mean to call him that. The unfortunate truth that Phil needs to accept is that not that many people are tipping him, most of the time he hits the tips goal because of a handful of large tips. He'd have to make himself more appealing to people outside his core audience and learn to network and promote himself properly to increase the amount of people tipping, and that's something he's just not going to do.
  6. No, you should never feel guilty that you can't give him money. As much as he'll deny it Phil's situation is no one's fault but his own. No one made him move across the country into a big house in a gated community, no one made him keep the condo, no one made him max out a dozen plus credit cards. If he can't pay his bills this month it's not on anyone but him.
  7. Does anyone really believe Phil got the Series X, new laptop, and new chair from "anonymous fans"?
  8. Phil once again showing his entitlement and ego on his prestream. Not only refusing to admit he could possibly have done anything wrong, but demanding that Twitch grovel at his feet and beg him to come back as if he's someone special. He's a lost cause, folks. The only way he'll learn anything is if he's forced to stop streaming and making videos entirely, which I don't see happening.
  9. So I'm pretty sure I figured out why Phil was removed from the Twitch partner program. Phil will probably dispute it and call me an idiot but I think I can conclusively prove it. First off, Phil reading the email he got about it out loud on his stream, sourced from his own video on his own channel: What Phil reads here says, verbatim, "Notice of indefinite suspension and termination for Darksydephil. Pursuant the content license agreement dated...that I guess I signed in late 2016...between you and Twitch Interactive in respect to your Twitch account Darksydephil we're terminating your partnership agreement effective immediately pursuant to the terms contained within." This is Twitch giving the exact reason Phil was removed from the partner program. He violated the content license agreement. The content license agreement is a specific part of the partnership agreement that he was required to signed after they updated it when he went back to Twitch. What that content license agreement says, verbatim and sourced from Twitch's legal page (https://www.twitch.tv/p/en/legal/affiliate-agreement/) is: "2.2. Live Content Exclusivity. Solely for any live audio-visual work you choose to provide to us as User Content (your “Live Twitch Content”), starting from beginning of the Initial Broadcast of any such Live Twitch Content, and continuing for a period of twenty-four (24) hours following the end of the Initial Broadcast of such Live Twitch Content (the “Exclusivity Period”), such Live Twitch Content is exclusive to Twitch (even as to you). During the Exclusivity Period of any Live Twitch Content, you will not, nor permit or authorize any third party to, broadcast, stream, distribute, exhibit and otherwise make available such Live Twitch Content in any manner. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you have the right to make any Live Twitch Content available, during the Exclusivity Period, solely via the Twitch Services. After the Exclusivity Period of any Live Twitch Content, the license to such Live Twitch Content will become non-exclusive and you will have the right to broadcast, stream, distribute, exhibit and otherwise make available such Live Twitch Content in any manner and format desired by you. The “Initial Broadcast” means the initial broadcasting, streaming, distribution, or other exhibition of Live Twitch Content via the internet, whether such Live Twitch Content is broadcast on a real-time, live basis as the subject event is occurring or such Live Twitch Content has been prerecorded and is being initially broadcast for the first time via any manner or method of streaming." What this means is that from the moment a partnered streamer's stream ends they are not allowed to post the content of that stream on any other platforms for a full 24 hours. This includes YouTube. So, given all of this information, Phil was removed from the partner program because violated the content license agreement within the affiliate agreement by way of consistently uploading his streams to YouTube immediately after the stream every day for years. It's not that it wasn't a problem for all those years, he just was able to get away with it and Twitch either finally found out or decided to stop letting him slide.
  10. I just think it's hilarious that Phil gets angry about being raided rather than being at all appreciative. He's only making himself look bad, plus the new viewers wouldn't stick around long after he starts acting like an ass to them for having the gall to enter his stream.
  11. Are they not allowed to discourage people from breaking street date?
  12. DSPGaming is dead as a YouTube channel. At this point the best thing Phil could do with it is rebrand it as a full-on stream archive channel, stop breaking the streams up into multiple videos and just upload entire streams to it, and put a splash screen at the beginning of all of them saying "This is a stream archive! Catch me live at Twitch.tv/Darksydephil 6 days a week!" or something like that.
  13. Remember kids, anyone who says nice things about a game Phil doesn't like, even if he hasn't played it yet, is just a dishonest paid shill. It is 100% impossible that they genuinely like the game, it's just a complete impossibility. The only honest people share Phil's opinion of everything, anyone who thinks differently than him or the people he follows is a liar. https://twitter.com/TheyCallMeDSP/status/1331336877329137664?s=20
  14. I get the feeling you're one of those people who thinks adults aren't allowed to have fun. I pity you.
  15. That's for the bundle that comes with the remaster of the first game, and I would say it's well worth $50.
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