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  1. I checked the morrowind stream, and the tips total initially was $11, and when Phil got a $1 tip and changed it to $21, not $12. Either this was an honest mistake, he put the 2 in the wrong spot and didn't realize, or he did and decided to roll with it. The final total was $102, which actually meant he only got about $93 for the whole stream so the streak should have ended. Someone did point this out, and Phil went completely nuclear on him and called him autistic. I really don't know how you can claim to push forward positively and insult your viewers next sentence. Phil should have just owned it and carried on, yet he has to act petty and defensive when called out about anything. Phil, you don't need to act so defensive. Not everyone is out to get you. People in the chat are chilling and having fun but not when you insult them like this, you're pushing them away.
  2. There's 30 minutes spent playing music, and hour or two of prestream, a few hours of actual gameplay, several breaks where he has to "eat food and upload to youtube" and then he's usually early to leave. Not much work being done there, he needs to step it up.
  3. Hey Mora why are you following me?

    1. MoraMoria


      Because why wouldn't I? I like it, and I also follow other people as well.


    2. bazfaidanz


      I haven't even posted anything yet...

      I think it's weird that you managed to find me and follow me. Do you watch the user list until you see a name you don't recognize?

    3. MoraMoria


      Oh no! You think it's weird? Poor thing, it's nothing like that, I just like to follow users that stumble upon this website, sorry if I startled you.

      I don't watch any user list, no.

      Well, have a nice day!


  4. Sometimes people with autism use weighted vests to help them relax and focus, perhaps that is what Phil is doing.
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