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  1. I like the design but its going to be at least $600 and with the exclusives I don't see doing nearly as well as The PS4 or even the new Xbox.
  2. This announcement was just sad. It's literally a game for furries and the freaks of the world.
  3. This PS5 event is so fucking terrible. I fyou're a furry, SJW, or a child the PS5 is right up your alley as far as exclusives go. Console looks good. Too bad there will be nothing but childrens games on it.
  4. First of all that clip is sad if you've grown past immaturity being entertaining. Second, who cares about the PS5 right now? The world is on fire and people know the Xbox is going to be more powerful so that just leaves what it looks like, which from the renderings, looks like shit. Plus if you're over the age of 18 and sill arguing about which is better Playstation or Xbox, you need to grow up, they are literally almost the same. Only valid argument about the consoles that needs to be made is why the fuck would anybody buy a Nintendo Switch anymore.
  5. You're role-playing as a rich man's right testicle, I am above you mentally. I told him to stop replying to me if he doesn't like what I have to say and after I owned him and made him go back to posting useless lies about his life I stopped talking about him. I'll extend you the same offer to stop embarrassing yourself. Thanks. I don't remember the last time I went to a Darksydephil stream, he is one of the most laziest gamer's on the planet and expects everything to be given to him. The long random breaks, the insufferable snorts, the bad gameplay, the constant blaming of his problems on everything but him, the trashing of his fans that don't agree with him or don't pay attention to him... its too much to bear just to watch a fucking video game being played poorly. Only thing he actually puts effort into is constantly talking out of his ass. I don't see how anybody still watches him outside of the obvious train wreck every stream turns into from his own doing.
  6. LMAO so you proved exactly what i've been saying this entire time. You're a bitch. It's okay being a bitch in real life but when you go online and act tough is where the issue lies. You saw the cars, you were close enough to hear their conversations, but was too terrified to go outside and actually talk with them instead of using the cities resources over parked cars? Then you go online and post this information on a dead gaming forum and you're calling me autistic? The 30-something year old guy with a history of doxxing people because he lost an internet argument shouldn't be calling anyone mentally ill. LOL. How many times I have to tell you to stop replying to me if you can't explain your autism? So far you've done nothing but expound on it. You keep bringing up that I am "defending Kiwi" when I am not, all I am bringing up is the fact you talk shit about another forum on a dead forum and refuse to make a account over there and say anything. Does your mentally ill mind not get that? Or is it another delusion of yours like how you're saving hundreds moving but never actually move. LOL you have fun with your delusions Keith Pickard. Im sorry can you explain what "sperging" means? I have a life so I can't come here every hour like you and understand your internet terminology.
  7. I would like to say I find it absolutely hilarious that you felt the need to re-imagine your fake story just because you felt embarrassed about me poking so many obvious holes in your last one. Sadly all you did was prove my point of you being a non-confrontational coward in real life even if the story was true. The protesters were so close to the window and curtains you were cowering behind that you could see them operate their cellphones? How did you know they were calling their "crew"? You heard them? How did you know the car didn't belong to the protesters closest to it? How did you know it was sitting there for hours? Why didn't you approach the protesters when they first parked? Your only making it more complicated for yourself, nimrod. And again, even if the story were even remotely true it makes you look pretty pathetic after acting so tough over the internet. lol. Do I need a friend? From the guy that comes here and has to make up personal IRL stories to type about because he has nobody else to tell? The guy who has to give constant updates to himself about whatever children's game he is playing? I said before, all you have to do is stop replying to me and I'll leave you alone if the truth bothers you that much, but here you and your autism go still trucking on the same self-destructive path of embarrassment. Keep going, I love it. Yeah you had no hand in being "Eagle Commander Dumbfuck 1st Officer Autistic Master Sargent" when there are literally people who've been here just as long and have more content than you with regular forum titles. See you're not even man enough to take responsibility for your stupidly dumb long forum title and you wonder why people don't believe your IRL stories. You'll lie about anything. I can do whatever I want, coward. All I asked was why do you talk about Kiwi so much on a dead forum and you haven't gotten over how big of a coward I made you look for pointing that fact out. Maybe in your little world where calling the police on parked cars in the middle of a double national crisis makes you tough enough for people to flock over from a popular forum to a dead one just to witness the Eagle Master Autistic Sargent spin his story, ignore you, talk to you again, and continue to embarrass themselves just from asking a few simple questions. I'm not even from there but you failing to realize why they won't come over here and you acting tough about it among the 9 other people here is one of the most hilarious things I ever saw. Almost as hilarious as making up IRL stories about yourself. Again, I gave you a choice, you could stop embarrassing yourself at any time by just not replying, nimrod.
  8. I didn't assume anything, I used the words you used and pointed out the holes in your real life engagements you like to talk about on this random dead forum. You're the one who said you're saving thousands in moving out of California only to say later you haven't moved yet. You're the one who called the cops on a bunch a protesters and then when asked why didn't you go outside and talk you flip-flopped between them owning the car or not when they came back. You made yourself look like an idiot. No. Again you can't make a logical decision for yourself. You went to arguing with me, to getting embarrassed and fake ignore me, argue with me again, say "I am on your dick", now back to arguing with me. What have I told you to do this whole time? Stop replying to me if the truth bothers you that much, and what have you done? Kept replying to me even though you are clearly unsettled by the truth. Im not even trying to use reverse psychology on you but it sure proves effective against autism. You can talk about Kiwi all day, I don't care. I just pointed out you talk an awful lot about that forum in this random dead echo-chamber, and just like in your real life fake update stories, you try to come off real tough after doing something very cowardly. I would say go over there and talk shit, but even in your imaginations you chose non-confrontation, then gloated about it. It's hilarious. Funny how a guy who named himself "Commander First-Class Numbnuts Eagle Legendary Autist" hides on a dead forum, doesn't know whether he's coming or going after getting exposed and embarrassed, then tries to seem somewhat interesting by making up fake IRL stories about himself. lol Once again, you should choose to never engage with me again. You should of unplugged your keyboard when I told you too but you are prone to embarrassment.
  9. I said you to the people it applied too, but since you got so offended I guess I did actually mean you.
  10. Yeah as soon as proved your real life takes are more than likely fake now it's time to act like a 12 year old and tell people to "get off your dick". No one is on your dick just like in real life, nimrod. If you can't take the truth, stop replying to me or block me. LOL somebody got mad after getting their ass exposed.
  11. I don't but thanks for being so defensive when I wasn't even specifically talking about you. Exposed. No. You insinuated it, nimrod. SOME protesters parked in your imaginary Los Angeles driveway, then you said THEY converged on your ass. But we all know you're just lying to make it seem like you have a real life just like you lied about your rent going down from moving but not actually move. I could care less abut KiwiFarms but its amazing how you really think you're a tough guy for calling out another forum on a dead one. It's almost the equivalent of you thinking you did something when you immediately called the police over parking instead of just asking them to move first IN THE MIDDLE OF A PROTEST AND A PANDEMIC. "Hello this is 911" "Yes my name is KGHaleon, First Class Autistic Lunitic Commander F-Class from the King Of Hate Forums and there is a car parked too close to my house!" "Did you see what they look like?" "YES THEY ARE RIGHT UP THE STREET" "Do they look dangerous?" "YES THEY ARE ABOUT ALL 5'5', MIXED RACES, AND HAVE A BUNCH OF SIGNS! PLEASE SEND BACKUP! HURRY! HURRY! HURRY!" LOL Yeah, takes alot of courage to do that. Do me a favor. Go back to reading my post then pretending you didn't, you would make yourself more cowardly but at least less embarrassing.
  12. That's easy to do when all you can and will do is spend the majority of your time on the internet or in a video game, but for the rest of us who like being outside have these real life problems that impact us whether we like it or not. Many of you were quarantining years before the coronavirus formed, but the rest of civilization chooses not to be a lonely house hermits.
  13. You seemed to know exactly when these people heard the police being outside your house so I could only assume you knew how these people looked like which you would only know if you seen them get out of their cars when they parked in the first place. Or did you make that pointless assumption and again lied about some made up real life saga you have nobody else to tell but 9 random people on an unrelated gaming forum? Judging by your cowardice character over the internet it was probably some random car parked down the street that you didn't recognize and you called the police because you have nothing else to do. After the police left you probably peeked through the window and saw some random child walking by who you deemed a threat and made another pointless assumption that it was a violent protester. You keep replying with stupidity and lies and I'll keep retorting with sense and facts, and I'm not going to really give a guy that is role-playing as a rich man's wrinkled testicle much attention.
  14. Why not go outside and tell them to move first instead of calling the cops then hiding in the bathroom when they get within 100 yards of your house. Most of the protesters are passive but you immediately call the people they are protesting against and endanger everybody because you're too scared to walk outside. Your "People already know I am more lazy than greedy" is a hilariously terrible rebuttal.
  15. Surprise, surprise you're coward in real life too lol and that's if the story is even real since for some reason you like telling lies about your personal life.
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