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  1. My Question for Ask the King: Phil, When you were in elementary school and high school were you always the guy that would always raise your hand up answering questions from the teacher, and were you very social in group discussions/group projects with your friends? (I'm like that sometimes in school because I like to participate in my classes, but sometimes I would get nervous too). How would you overcome it too?
  2. More Nominations for June 2020's Retrospective Marathon Event: OUYA Exploration: Twitch.tv App/Chrono Blade (0:00 to 2:22, checking out the Twitch.tv channel on the OUYA) Playstation 4 1st Twitch.tv App Streaming Test (0:00 to 30:13) OUYA Exploration: The Amazing Frog (0:00 to 8:43) Xbox One Launch: Screwin' w/Skype (15:17 to 44:08)
  3. More nominations for June 2020's Retrospective Marathon Event: DSP's Tournament Survival Guide pt1 - Packing (0:00 to 16:06) DSP's Tournament Survival Guide pt2 - Hotel Room Tips (0:00 to 4:59) DSP's Tournament Survival Guide pt3 - Signups, Cooling down, and breaks (0:00 to 5:24
  4. I've got more nominations for June 2020 Retrospective Marathon Event: PvZ: Garden Warfare Gnome Bomb DLC gameplay pt8 (FINAL, Power Failure!!!) (4:55 to 8:09) WWE12 SummerSlam Sim Matches - Miz v. Rey Mysterio pt2 (2:35 to 4:26, the Miz has been badly injured and it is career-threatening!)
  5. More nominations from me for June 2020's Retrospective Marathon: Sleeping Dogs playthrough pt1 (0:00 to 12:48 can't believe this was 8 years ago, your original Sleeping Dogs playthrough and I found some good videos) Sleeping Dogs playthrough pt2 (0:00 to 10:11) The Hateful Truth Ep. 93 - Sleeping Dogs (0:00 to 23:22) Sleeping Dogs playthrough pt3 (0:00 to 9:53 full video)
  6. I've got more nominations for June 2020's Retrospective Marathon: Mortal Kombat Online gameplay pt1 (0:00 to 5:25 super laggy MK9 online match) Exciting MK9 Online Gameplay! (PS3) (0:00 to 6:09 full video lol it's hilarious) The Hateful Truth Ep.60 - WWE '12 (0:00 to 24:53) Deadpool playthrough pt2 (0:00 to 9:30 Deadpool is hilarious and funny) Deadpool playthrough pt10 (Start at 4:42 to 6:13, you get a secret achievement!) hopefully you play this one too Phil :)
  7. It's Derich again :) Here's another nomination I have for the upcoming June 2020 Retrospective marathon event! DSP's WWE Fantasy Holiday 2017 Sims: 30-Man Battle Royale! (Full video 0:00 to 59:31)
  8. More nominations for June 2020's Retrospective Marathon: NBA2K14 (PS4) My Career Mode playthrough pt114 (Is This The End???) (NBA 2K14 crashes 4 times for Phil in this video) NBA2K14 (PS4) My Career Mode playthrough pt82 (Destroying LeBron James' old team the Miami Heat in Overtime! starts at 1:25) NBA2K14 (PS4) My Career Mode playthrough pt49 (Lol LeBron talks to Drake Hasnotalent after the game between the Jazz/Heat game starts at 20:06 to 23:23) The Hateful Truth Ep. 97 - Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (0:00 to 40:56 full video) Phil Reacts: Royal Rumble 2016 Reactions (0:00 to 21:35)
  9. Some of my nominations for June 2020 Retrospective Marathon Event! The Hateful Truth Ep.25 - Back to the Future, the Video Game (0:00 to 15:19) BTTF Ep.2: Get Tannen pt4 (7:24 to 11:35 mark in the video, it's get hilarious and funny) WWE'13 Fantasy Sims - Marvel Villains vs. Heroes 6-Man Elim Tag (0:00 to 24:15, hilarious video and Juggernaut does the dream driver) WWE 2K14 Royal Rumble Sims - Anti-Heroes vs. Villains (1st glitch is at 10:55, 2nd glitch is at 13:03, and 3rd/final glitch is at 16:17 in the video) NBA Jam co-op gameplay pt8 (Starts at 3:14 in the video, it's hilarious lol)
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