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  1. Do you think your "Vest Streak" from this year will eventually go down in streamer history? It was such a huge thing when it happened, no one knew when it would end, and best of all - it was completely organic and unprovoked. I know people were talking about the vest and the vest streak in streams that had nothing to do with you, so it permeated around twitch big time when it was still going on.
  2. Minecraft segment where Phil does a tour of his Minecraft world as an official goodbye
  3. Suggest food products for Phil to eat during the Halloween Marathon's DSP Tries It segment at the end of the month. I think Phil should try some sort of candy, since it's Halloween after all. Maybe he can find some gimmicky Halloween-themed candy to try during his days off, similar to the Zombie Skittles a month ago. It would be a nice change of pace from the greasy and nasty fast food he usually does.
  4. PHIL BANNED AGAIN NOOOO and big ups hollow knight
  5. 1 . ) It has been about 2 years since YouTube kicked you in the balls with the Google+ suspension and then Adsense issues that caused you to go all-in on Twitch. What do you think about your decision in hindsight? Any regrets about the changes you made on both YouTube and Twitch around that time? (Summer 2018) Do you feel you made the right move changing your archive content from the 10 minute recordings into the 1 hour recordings? Has this led you to be more focused on the gameplay and stream chat compared to before when you had to keep your eye on the timer to cut the recordings every
  6. @Phil I had an interesting idea we could do for this Retrospective Event: going back in time and checking out the different YouTube channel layouts you've had over the years Not only does your channel background and banner change, but the YouTube channel layout and general YouTube layout changes too. Not to mention seeing interesting statistics, like how many views and subscribers your channels had 10+ years ago. So I've put together a list of Wayback Machine archives of your DarksydePhil and DSPGaming channels with a snapshot about every 6 months so we can see the progression. I stopped
  7. We need to watch the origin of what would later spark the Vest Streak Phil jokingly says he will wear the vest if we hit the tips goal, this becomes the origin of the "wearing the vest after hitting the tips goal" gimmick Phil says he will wear the cowboy hat if we double the tips goal Big tip comes in later that stream, doubling the tips goal, and Phil stays true to his word by wearing the vest and cowboy hat for the first time
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