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  1. It works almost perfectly for me. Just depends on what your computer specs are. Don't expect to play anything on a cheap laptop/desktop. For me who isn't going to blow hundreds on Nintendo crap just to play the 3 games it has, its fine.
  2. I am struggling to find something to emulate for this thing. There is literally nothing but very old children's games.
  3. This DLC is bad. Good thing I didn't pay for it. Game was decent but the post game content is garbage.
  4. Or just buy any relevant system and put the disc into the slot and watch your movie.
  5. Why not watch a Blu-ray movi... oh thats right, the Nintendo Switch doesn't play movies.
  6. Aaannnnd called it. LMFAO. Just for the record. This is extremely embarrassing, I know your autistic mind doesn't care, but just letting you know. I exposed your autism by your own definition, I had you respond exactly when I wanted you to, I had you incorrectly count numbers, I made you call me your master, and I made you stay glued to your seat waiting for my text to appear on your screen. LMAO. Until next time puppet but don't ever call anyone else autistic after the dance I made you do just for everyone to see.
  7. I know your autistic mind has trouble counting but let me tell you for future reference since you addressed me properly, puppet. 9 - 7 = 2. Not 1. But at least you tried. LOL Also how many times are you going to edit your post? I think your fingers are moving faster than your thoughts, which is hilariously expected. LMAO. Autism is unstoppable for you.
  8. I thought you weren't mad? Now I got you typing in CAPS? LMAO. You kept your post short, good. See how I make you do what I want you to do? Or is reverse psychology too much for your lesser brain nerves to handle? LOL. And thank you for letting us know you have only one tab open staring at the forum waiting for my reply because you have nothing else to do. LMAO. You can't close the tab because I am demanding you to keep it open. Now I need you to cut your response time from 5 minutes to 3. Type faster for me, puppet. LOL hurry up.
  9. You started off by asking where I've been when I wasn't even talking to you and when I honestly forgot you existed. Then when I exposed your autism by your own definition I've been making you systematically explain your brain deficiencies paragraph for paragraph ever since. LOL. Look, I even got you posting troll pictures about yourself. After my first reply you responded in under 5 minutes. You are on the edge of your seat pissed off waiting for me to respond so you can type another essay on how me dominating your defective mind is somehow "entertainment" for you. Talk about "seeing through p
  10. Yes I kinda exposed that a while ago, short bus. So what kind of mental gymnastics were you trying to pull calling anyone, let alone me, autistic.. while actually being autistic? LOL. What an embarrassing way to expose yourself, but I gave you a chance. Are you sure it is you that is fucking with me? I actually forgot you existed then you come straight at me with some mental midget nonsense and I have to embarrass you for the 10th time. Its obvious you're very mad at me, I have you talking about e-penises like a child.. well.. with you're mental deficiencies talking like a child isn't
  11. I think you just proved it is you who is the mental midget via your own definition. I already told you if you want to stop embarrassing yourself just stop replying to me, but your mental issues disallow you from conceding to take advice from someone who is eons above you in the mental department. Oh well.. you keep replying, and i'll keep laughing. LOL.
  12. Why reply if you didn't ask? Sorry to hurt your feelings.
  13. "RingFit Adventure" lol You can tell when a system doesn't have many good games when people are forced into buying the expensive gimmicky crap just for a new experience.
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