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  1. I nominate Wonderful Everyday Down the Rabbit-Hole.
  2. I wouldn't be a streamer. Phil shows how arduous the act of streaming is daily, with invective and chargebacks slung from all angles. He doesn't even generate much capital given how bills and taxes engorge upon the great majority of his remuneration. Likewise, I wouldn't be able to subsist with daily detractor perils to the lives of my family. Phil truly is the √úbermensch. In contempt of a savage and heartless world he spreads his wings and soars into success, using only his own morals and justifications.
  3. Finally, someone gets it. The vest streak is a symbol. A symbol of rebellion against a heartless world. An escutcheon warding against the savage barbarians of detractordom. The vest streak may have ended. But it persists in all of our hearts, and when the detractors are vanquished in the final battle, it will resurrect with more positivity than ever like a phoenix.
  4. It's okay that you chumps don't agree with Phil, but that just means you're not mature enough to comprehend his rationale. Phil is a mature adult with a wife who loves him and a family unlike you lummoxes so let me explain it to you. Phil is in a loving (and may I add, very concupiscent) relationship with a gorgeous woman so he doesn't need to masturbate to the chimera of an amorous existence with fictitious cartoon wives, he already has one. Sir Dashurkaliderri, Knight of the Kingdom of Hate, Commander of the Grand Inquisition against the Detractors
  5. Detractor schemes against a principled man make me angry. Detractors calling his family in the dim hours of the morning and swatting his wedding makes me outraged. Jasper's fearful cries on Phil's day off because he doesn't know whether his parents will make it home safe from detractor assassins make me furious. Anyone who isn't infuriated by such loathsome comportment must be beset by the detractor malady, and I suggest that they be banned.
  6. I just had an idea; what if DSP adds a segment where everyone can let out their bottled up loathing towards detractors? These abominable adversaries cause nothing but trouble for Phil whilst making money from his content. It's clear that such a parasitic relationship causes much resentment amongst Phil's true fans, and I find myself with a lot of pent up anger throughout the day. Why not add a section after prestream to let out that anger? Chat would be "encouraged" to make their bitter sentiments known at that time. What do you think?
  7. Phil will never stop streaming, because he always perseveres over detractor ruffians. So many fools hate and envy the sight of a virtuous, successful man who engages with and gives back to his community but is sorrowfully spurned by them. Like the old Good King Henry, the people of this kingdom will only realize what a great man Good King Phil was when he's gone. Phil will create an Italian restaurant which will be the talk of the town, full of authentic Italian recipes passed down amongst the Burnell dynasty for generations. I predict this restaurant opening will be the spur which drives
  8. It's easy to see why Phil doesn't use these forums. Just take this thread as an example. Multiple instances of snide backbiting, insults, complaining, no real suggestions which Phil could use. The plague of Detractor Rot has inundated this congress which had such high promise as an assembly of His Majesty's loyal subjects. Instead of filial piety and sage advice, these nefarious councilors whisper sedition and mockery amongst one another. It's clear that this den of vipers must be purged of its depravity before any authentic council can be proffered, so I, Sir Dashurkallideri, Knight of t
  9. Phil has an unhealthy diet? Pu-Pu-PUHAHAHA! How could such a stallion with such muscles have a poor diet? I know you detractors think that all Phil eats is fast food, but he NEVER eats that trash anymore. He has a loving wife who cooks him delicious homecooked healthy meals every day, and he rarely even eats out anymore. You deadbeats are just jealous of the HOMECOOKED meals that his loving wife makes him, because you're too much of an immature sluggard to find a beautiful woman who loves you and will always eat your double big mac alone in the dark in your one room apartment
  10. Uhh, why do you care so much? Literally all he's doing is asking nicely if a fan, someone who receives MILLIONS OF HOURS of quality free content from Phil, can do a small favor for him. If you know of a money tree somewhere maybe you should tell Phil, because otherwise he just doesn't have the funds that suggestions like this would require. And anyway, Phil has a great singing voice, if anything people should pay him to produce his songs. Someone of Phil's caliber doesn't appear every day; if Phil's name weren't so toxified by pernicious denizens of the dark web, record labels should be chompi
  11. Phil is a real gamer, a man of the people, not like you mr. wiseguy. He doesn't have time to test endless combinations of random garbage to see what works, he's a busy guy with a successful business and a wife and a family he needs to take care of. So many morons around who think they're so cool because they treat games as their job. Well guess what; Phil just wants to have fun.
  12. Twitch is probably struggling from the impact of the pandemic and needed to lay Phil off. Otherwise I can't tell why they would lay him off, Twitch knows what Phil's content is like and likes his streams. Someone like Dr. Disrespect isn't even comparable, he just plays a muppet character with his peculiar glasses and mustache outfit. It's clear why Twitch wouldn't like his streams. But regardless, Phil NEEDS your tips. Now is the time to show our appreciation to this great man who entertains thousands of loyal viewers every day. Sir Dashurkaliderri, Knight of the Kingdom of Ha
  13. He deserved it for daring to mock my liege. Tread carefully, His Majesty has powerful subjects. Sir Dashurkaliderri, Knight of the Kingdom of Hate
  14. Phil does NOT have a gambling addiction, he often tells on stream how he left mobile games and gambling behind. The only reason you might make this post is that you didn't know that, or you think Phil is a !!!LIAR!!! which is self evidently NOT true, he has no reason to lie. Phil is an upright and honest person, a bona fide incarnation of the seven virtues, and that's why I am honored to name him my liege lord. OH! My liege has granted me an audience! Let's see what he has to say. *I kneel before the throne(couch)* Dashurkaliderri: "Your Majesty, why have you called me?" Th
  15. What an insulting question, of course he can't do anything about it. Post nasal drip is a disease Phil has been struggling with for his entire life, and in case you didn't know, he doesn't have any money to get something like surgery. Stop complaining about something Phil can't do anything about. I find it incredible and inspiring that he can wake up every day with such myriad calamities plaguing him. If I were in his shoes, the slings and arrows of detractordom would prove too much for me, and I would certainly choose not to be.
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