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  1. If anybody wants a good laugh watch till the end lol
  2. Kat cooks most of time, Phil always tells us on twitch what she makes for dinner so I'm not even sure if he still orders much fast food. Neither wish I never heard of darksydephil. IF I had to choose one though then I guess, I prefer his streams because his stream chat is hilarious and more entertaining then Phil.
  3. As expected im not really surprised you would prefer the forums more then the streams. Phil's streams feel more like him trying to buy every new release and quickly finish through them in order to get to the next one. On top of this he still plays stuff that he should have moved on from ages ago like Street fighter collection and black ops cold war.
  4. In this case it's most likely for the attention rather then love I think but that's just my opinion. I personally dont agree with Phil's ways of trying to earn money but he needs the money in order to basically not lose his house.
  5. Alright even know I respectfully disagree with your statement,I dont really mind you deleting the clown image I posted. I wont make a big deal about it.
  6. I don't understand why some people pay just to get unbanned when they could simple just send phil a email lol unless they got banned for doing something very very very inappropriate.
  7. Question for you MoraMoria, Do you prefer browsing the forums or attending Phil's streams?
  8. I dont mind posting it on the forums and phil probably did get hard from reading them LOL Lol I had to do it to get unbanned
  9. Yeah the post got removed but it's fine, it doesn't bother me. For my apology emails I just write a paragraph of Bullshit just to get unbanned lol. Here's the 2 different apology emails I wrote to him Hi phil, I admit I failed to follow the rules you set and should have not posted the copypasta that caused you to ban me. Please consider unbanning me because I really miss the streams and would love to contribute to the chat conversations and your playthroughs. It's been about 3 days since my ban and I learned my lesson to follow the rules. Please give me another chanc
  10. He acknowledges the CLOWN makeup by having a twitch emote of him with the CLOWN makeup on but your the boss around here so I'll obey the rules. That shocks me
  11. Correct dspCringe is the one with the clown makeup. Even if you were to get banned you could just send a apology email to him. I got banned 2 times and all I had to do was send a email.
  12. No worries phil has a twitch emote of himself in clown makeup Dont worry KG it isnt a detractor meme or anything.
  13. I 100% agree but anyway I recommend attending the streams mainly for the stream chat. Stream chat is the only reason many regulars even watch Phils streams.
  14. Just thought he looked good in clown makeup :) 5000 dollars in business expenses? WTF how is that even possible
  15. Lol yeah I seen that clip Even if we suggest using bitcoin phil probably wouldn't even listen to us Lol instead he would just ban us and call us morons eh but it's worth a shot I guess.
  16. Well he should atleast try something new because hes getting constant chargebacks and keeps mentioning it on every stream. Am I wrong for wanting him to actually try something new so he stops complaining about it every stream? Just my thoughts but I guess we might as well watch those chargebacks keep rolling in. Do you attend the streams or is it too toxic for your taste? Lol
  17. Trolls I think its multiple people doing it I doubt he would read any suggestions from these forums but it's worth a shot
  18. Nope never addressed it and I doubt phil would read my emails dood Thanks for the information but your missing the point you have to verify your identity in order to send money on venmo (probably for cash app aswell). The trolls are able to constantly send fake tips without having to verify their identity
  19. I've heard these two apps protect you from chargebacks unlike paypal.
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