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  1. 300$ tier 3 tips goal is showing a pair of jeans.
  2. Hey Phil, In your opinion what game did you feel didn't deserve the hate it got?
  3. Lol phil gets triggered easily so I wouldn't be surprised if he holds a grudge against you.
  4. Maybe in a couple of weeks. Doubt Phil will respond to you anymore because of the stuff you pulled lol.
  5. All available on xbox one. Saints row 2 Mirrors edge redemption run Resident evil 7 madhouse difficulty Splinter cell chaos theory Onimusha warlords Rainbow six vegas 1 Rainbow six vegas 2 Ghost recon advanced warfighter Ghost recon advanced warfighter 2
  6. 100 hours sounds about right because I have a feeling hes going to try and rush it.
  7. Phil has rushed games in the past in order to make room for new releases so anything is possible.
  8. How long do you guys think it will take Phil to finish it? (If you rush through the main story it can be beaten in 60 hours). How much rage do you guys expect? and will he look up a guide during the playthrough?
  9. Basically someone brought up how lowtiergod evades doing taxes to phil so Phil responded to it which then caused lowtiergod to respond to phil by insulting him.
  10. Hey MoraMoria it's been awhile since we interacted. Did you hear about the lowtiergod drama with Dsp? Just curious
  11. I have a feeling that when Kat played yakuza 7 she did the romance quests so no reason phil cant do them and I doubt Kat is forcing him to not do any romance quests in video games. Holy shit tho hes so cringy when he makes the same excuse explaining why he doesnt participate in romance stuff in games.
  12. The date was fantastic Not yet unfortunately
  13. My date is going well thanks for asking guys.
  14. Meh mr x and nemesis looked more scarier
  15. LOL people on Twitter are already having a meltdown.
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