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Found 4 results

  1. STAFF NOTE: Please use this thread for discussion of all things E3. We know things can get exciting with the announcement of new games, but we'd like to avoid cluttering up the forum with a million threads and avoid possible thread/post duplication where possible. Thank you, and have a great E3 week everyone!
  2. This came to my mind during the Splatoon stream just now where he calls the Wii U, and these are his words: 'a piece of shit console' (I severely disagree but hey, his opinion). And I have to wonder: if Phil is unhappy with with Nintendo and their products as he's stated in the past in multiple prestreams, then shouldn't he stop playing them? I know he says he has to keep playing games to keep his "business" afloat, but considering the views he's pulling in for Splatoon and him never really pulling in great views in the past with Nintendo, he won't really miss out on much. He said it best himself: People don't come to him for Nintendo playthroughs Phil clearly isn't happy with Nintendo and their products and he wants Nintendo to stop their current business practices but if he really wants that, then he should stop playing Nintendo games altogether. Him coming back to play their games then insulting them isn't hurting them. He's still giving them money by buying their games (The picture perfect example of this is when he threw his Wii U in the trash only to come back and say he'll keep playing Nintendo games). If he really want change with Nintendo, then he's gonna have to start with himself. The way he's going now, he's only making a fool of himself rather than Nintendo.
  3. After yesterday's Splatoon focused Nintendo Direct, the game is looking rather bland and boring. Yes, there's free content updates coming throughout the summer, but at that point is it too little, too late? We have to remember Splatoon is coming out after Witcher 3 which will be Phil's big focus (along with finishing up Persona 4). I don't know if Splatoon is worth Phil's time when he already has other games he can do that people will be more interested in. For those of you who didn't watch the Splatoon Direct here's the details (hidden in spoilers if you want to find everything out after the game releases): What's in that spoiler tag makes me think it'd be better if Phil just skipped out on Splatoon and kept focusing on Witcher 3, Persona 4, and Mortal Kombat X.
  4. Hey everyone, I don't know if a thread like this already exists but I wanted to open a thread where we can share our 3DS friend codes to play smash, trade/battle pokemon or other online related things. Feel free to post your codes below, 4682-9738-3210
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