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Found 11 results

  1. Phil's video about selling his statuettes got me thinking. I've collected my fair share of things, mostly games, comics and horror movies. There have been times where I've sold off some of my stuff, thinking I wouldn't miss it, only to regret it later. There are a fair amount of games that I especially wish I'd never gotten rid of. What about you guys? This isn't a thread meant to criticize Phil, but if I were the one with all those statues, I'd keep them in storage til I could get some sort of display case to put them in. Maybe rearrange that gaming room and find a place for it...
  2. Hello Phil. You probably remember me as the guy who put out "An Honest Question for Phil". I have a few more. 1. Will you play Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots or the remake Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (It's has alot more "Matrix"-action cutscenes with Metal Gear Solid 2 mechanics and of a more guns-blazing approach)? I've just recently became a fan of the series. I would like you to try it. 2. When you answered appropriately, I remembered in the Dead Space 2 Demo you said you were a Nazi and killing Jewish people. Then you went to say a stereotype of Jewish people having big noses. Another person responded to the topic and said you called Kojima a faggot. Did you think before you said that? Just curious, because I know I don't mean things that I say sometimes. 3. Is there a way to donate of any kind? (I'm kind of a new fan to your channel etc) Thanks once again Phil! Good luck in the future! :-)
  3. Phil, now that Ryu is basically confirmed (see gamplay video below) will you be playing him in online ranked matches on perhaps a Sunday like you did before with fighting games?
  4. Some people may not this, but on June 4, 2015 six games were named to be in the first ever video hall of game. The location will be in Rochester, NY. I'm only two hours away!! The six titles that won were: Doom Pac-Man Pong Super Mario bros Tetris World of Warcraft these were the other titles that were nominated but lost :( Angry Birds FIFA International SoccerThe Legend of Zelda MinecraftThe Oregon Trail Pokemon Red and Blue The SimsSonic the HedgehogSpace Invaders
  5. To Phil and The Mighty Onyx and Stream Modders, I just got kicked from the streamchat because I wrote too long of a message. I did not know this. The chat kicked me and said with a red text: "stop flooding ^_^" etc. When I try to rejoin, it says Joining Channel and it goes on forever.. nothing is happening and I can't rejoin? If I write something is says: == Cannot send message to channel, you are not voiced Could any of you kindly fix this for me real quick? Many thanks in advance :)
  6. After yesterday's Splatoon focused Nintendo Direct, the game is looking rather bland and boring. Yes, there's free content updates coming throughout the summer, but at that point is it too little, too late? We have to remember Splatoon is coming out after Witcher 3 which will be Phil's big focus (along with finishing up Persona 4). I don't know if Splatoon is worth Phil's time when he already has other games he can do that people will be more interested in. For those of you who didn't watch the Splatoon Direct here's the details (hidden in spoilers if you want to find everything out after the game releases): What's in that spoiler tag makes me think it'd be better if Phil just skipped out on Splatoon and kept focusing on Witcher 3, Persona 4, and Mortal Kombat X.
  7. Phil recently made a comment about possibly focusing more on Survival Horror related content. I may not watch the gameplay channel all that often anymore, but I always did enjoy Phil's Survival Horror playthroughs. He may not always be the best gamer, but I like how with Survival Horror games, he just plays the damn thing and doesn't screw around with stupid facecam + overreaction gimmicks. His Resident Evil Remake playthrough is the most recent one I've watched almost all the way through. If he's serious about wanting to do more of this kind of thing, I think it'd help to give suggestions, since Survival Horror is a genre with A LOT of hidden gems. I thought I'd list off a few that I think he should try out, and if anyone wants to jump in, be my guest. Also, feel free to correct me if he's already done any of these. Silent Hill 4 (PS2/Xbox)Alone In the Dark: the New Nightmare (PS1)Clock Tower (PS1)Cold Fear (PS2/Xbox)Condemned: Criminal Origins (360)D (PS1)Dino Crisis (PS1)Echo Night: Beyond (PS2)Eternal Darkness (GameCube)Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly (PS2/Xbox)Haunting Ground (PS2)Kuon (PS2)Martian Gothic: Unification (PS1)ObsCure (PS2)RLH: Run Like Hell- Hunt or Be Hunted (PS2)Resident Evil: Code Veronica X HD (360/PS3)Rule of Rose (PS2)Siren (PS2)The Suffering (PS2/Xbox)I know that's a shitload, and some of them could be a bitch to get a hold of, but they're all worthwhile options. I should reiterate, this is in no way a demand, just putting some suggestions out there should Phil want to run with this Survival Horror thing.
  8. I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but fuck it. Seeing all these "discussion" threads go to hell is reminding me why I bailed out of my old forum account. I understand that most of you guys want to vent your criticism of Phil, most of which he fully deserves, and this is the most direct way to do it, but I rarely see it done to any success. Yes, Phil is partially, if not mostly responsible for this, but I can't stand by and accept this theory that it's only his fault, because that's honestly not what I'm seeing. I'm going to give you guys my honest advice here. Take it as you will. You guys know by now what kind of person Phil is. He's short fused, stubborn and set in his ways. You come in with the same approach every time and wonder why he reacts the way he does? The reason it never works is because there's no cooperation between anyone. We already know what Phil does wrong in these situations: his lack of ability to take criticism and his tendency to snap and shut things down. However, there are plenty of pitfalls the users make on a constant basis: You guys have a tendency to drift from discussing Phil's content to digging into personal matters, which is crossing the line, in my opinion. You cannot be surprised if your thread gets locked after trying to debate shit like Phil's upbringing or alcohol intake.You have a tendency to dog pile. Phil may bring a lot of this on himself, but he's still just one person. He's not going to want to deal with these debates when bunches of people jump into the forum just to point out the obvious, like "what Phil did was bad, he should be ashamed", rather than actually adding something worthwhile.To add to that last point, it seems some people jump into these discussions with the sole intent of being negative and not willing to actually give criticism anyone can work with. I fully understand frustration and wanting to vent, but there are times when that simply won't help. It just makes the situation worse and puts it on a faster route to being shut down.This one, I'm probably going to get a lot of flack for. If there's one thing I agree with Phil here on, it's nitpicking. You guys have no gauge as to which complaints deserve a discussion and which are just nitpicking. I'm sorry, but creating a new thread every time Phil says something stupid is ridiculous. You guys seem to think you have to retaliate to every petty argument or insult. Some of you need to learn to just let this shit go and move on when it's clear that Phil isn't going to resolve anything.Now, take that as you will. I guess I don't really care if people agree with me or flame me to shit. If you guys are serious about wanting to help Phil improve, then show that you're capable of being the better person. Otherwise, it's just drama for drama with no end.
  9. So I got this cool idea about a video showing Phil's average day and what he does during his work hours. I think the ones who do request more and more from Phil would have an insight in his average life.
  10. More Questions: 1. I'm sorry for asking so many questions. I've never been really able to contact big YouTubers like this before. Sorry if you think I'm like interrogating you. 2. I saw some of those hater videos, and apparently they were called "This is how you DON'T play" or "DSP Tries It: Failing (for an example or whatever)". Is that what you mean about the haters? Why waste your time? Don't ask me. What do you think about these people? 3. Do you do it for the money, fans, fun, what is the motive that keeps you going on YouTube? 4. Do you do Co-op games (splitscreen) with other people often? 5. Favorite game series/genre? (That you might rerun as another series maybe) 6. What is the next few games are you planning to do a series through? (You should play Wolfenstein: The New Order, I just recently played it and it's awesome, brings back sooo many memories of the 1993 version by id Software) 7. Do you enjoy where you are currently living? Sorry Phil, but I normally don't get a chance to reach out to big people like you. Sorry for the swarm of questions.
  11. Phil, ever since I've started watching your videos, I've wanted to know an honest question. Please be. Are you accepting of homosexuals? I'm personally not a homosexual (I am a heterosexual), but I want to know your response. For all I know, they could be your biggest fans. Please be nice and honest. Thanks! -Alex
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