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Found 2 results

  1. I can't remember when was the last time Phil played a PC game. There are a bunch of indie/niche games released all the time on steam but seems he chooses to ignore them and play re-releases or old games. Is PC gaming too intimidating for him or he only wishes to use that PC for streaming?
  2. So this last week Phil has made a better effort to start streams at the actual advertised times, instead of showing up fashionably late. While he's patting himself on the back for saying he went a whole week showing up on time, I don't think the definition of "on time" is very clear. Typically what happens is that Phil starts playing the slideshow and music around 12:30, maybe a few minutes before, and then continues to play the slideshow for 15-20 minutes. Then he finally gets on the mic and starts his pre-stream, which is another 10-15 minutes, and thus the actual gameplay STILL isn't starting until around 1:00. I realize that Phil likes doing his pre-streams, and is unlikely to cut those out entirely or do them before the 12:30 start time when there's no indication of how long it's going to go. Ok fine, then can we at least have the actual pre-stream talk start at the advertised time? If you want to run the slideshow/music for 15 minutes, start that up at 12:15. Makes sense, right? The reasons given for the long delay in running the slideshow are that he "wants stream numbers to have some time to grow", and for the last week it was because "people haven't gotten used to the stream starting on time". Okay well it's been a week so the second part shouldn't apply anymore. But to the first part I have something to bring up that Phil touched on once about youtube streaming - you can rewind the stream as long as it's active. Thus if someone shows up half an hour late and wants to catch the beginning of the stream, they can rewind to the beginning and watch from there. Besides, if streaming is still "fanservice", why worry so much about stream numbers? Just start the stream and if people show up late, that's their own fault, they still have the option to rewind the stream if they want to catch the beginning. It's great that Phil is doing something to address this issue, but it's just a tiny bit farther to go to start things on what most people would consider to be "on time".
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