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Broken Age Act 2 is out...

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...for backers. :P

Just got an email with a key, anyone else take part in the kickstarter get their key? Right now it appears to be a beta copy, not sure how to run it though since the beta tab is blank.


Nevermind, I found the beta code and inputted it so it's downloading now. Might actually considering staying up late tonight to play this D:

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9 hours ago, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

Nope, Act 2 was the last one.  Act 1 was a lot better than Act 2 due to how easy the puzzles were in Act 1.

Worth playing? I have it free with PS plus have not played it yet. 

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3 minutes ago, MasterOfAwesomeness said:

Yes, but the end game puzzles are hard and may require you to take down some notes.

Good to know, I have a stock pile of indies on that i got with PS plus. Thats one good thing i like about it and part of the reason i usually never buy indies unless im really interested in one. Usually less than a year and there free with PS plus usually 3-5 months. I just add them to my library even if im not gonna play them right away. 

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