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1 hour ago, sateler96 said:

Lol I don't have to Google it I know movies unlike you which I was being nice but now your just a annoying ass troll lol

So here you go

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

21 Jump Street


Free Fire 

The Glass Castle

Kong: Skull Island

13 Going on 30


You tell him buddy.

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12 hours ago, MDCFAN101 said:

You tell him buddy.

Captain Marvel Reviews: 11 Early Reactions You Must See

1. It Has Some Surprises

2. It's For The Comics Fans Too

3. She's A Bad-Ass

4. There Are Good Supporting Dynamics

5. It's Weird

6. It's Surprisingly Funny

7. Goose (The Cat) Steals Scenes (OBVIOUSLY)

8. It's Unlike Any Other MCU Film

9. Ben Mendelsohn Is Great

10. The Effects Work Exceptionally Well

11. Brie Larson Is Excellent

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