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If Daryl dies, we riot!

Well im crying myself to sleep tonight........

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Well im crying myself to sleep tonight........

i am fearing, a main survivor died, by this message...

Edit: and some asshole, spoiled it on a torrent, well great.

Edit 2: umm umm yeah good episode but but, idk wow, idk if I want to continue, I think we riot. 

Edit 3:

no he lived, idk how but he did


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Season 6 Episode 3 Spoiler:

 That was an unfitting end to a character that I believe deserved to die with more dignity and not in that manner. It wasn't noble considering all of what he has done for the others an how long he has been in the show. It was just my man's a p****hole and not only took the easy way out but fell on Glenn making him die painfully and him not getting to speak his mind for the last time which I think that a character of his caliber should have. Hopefully they are "like and it was all a dream" but I doubt that.

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I caved into the hype recently and started watching the show, and I just got to the end of season 5 yesterday. It's maintained my interest fairly uniformly, but there have been lulls. Like all dramas I've seen, I'm a bit annoyed by the tendency for events to conveniently cascade in such a way so as to produce the maximum amount of drama. I can forgive that sometimes, but other times, it feels contrived. Also, I've been numb about character deaths so far. I don't think it's because I'm entirely cold-blooded (I have gotten emotional watching some other shows and films). Maybe it's because I went into this expecting mass death so I prevented myself from getting too attached to the characters. The show consistently provokes other emotions, however, like anger and annoyance. I've certainly felt anger at some of the more cowardly characters and a wish to see the psychos pay, but I remind myself that no one really knows how they'd act in a zombie apocalypse, and that I'm being biased towards the main group even though they've also been forced to make ethically questionable choices. 

I'm interested in stories where people are forced to make difficult choices, which is partly what prompted me to start watching, as well as the psychology of "us versus them" being forced upon people to a high degree. Hopefully we'll see this explored further as the show goes on, but so far, Rick hasn't been pushed to be as excessively psychotic as some of the antagonists. Even with some of his worst acts, there has been a pragmatism to many of them, but I'm interested to see if he'll ever be pushed into a truly desperate situation. Will he eventually be pushed to a point where he appears to be just another thug? Will he be forced to loot and kill other groups to ensure that his will survive? Will some traumatic event cause him to develop a deeper paranoia and hostility to strangers? Will he consider horrid acts to protect those he loves, such as torturing someone in an attempt to locate captives? What about retributive killings?

I doubt the show-runners will go past the point where viewers consider him truly irredeemable, considering the unofficial directive to allow even anti-heroes to keep some likable traits. But with executive producer David Alpert talking as far as season 11 and 12, there's plenty of time for moral degeneration. I just hope this show doesn't develop Dexter syndrome, where it drags on too long without keeping interesting developments pumping. That often happens with popular shows. 

Breaking Bad still holds my top spot for the best recent serial drama. 

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4 hours ago, Darksphere92 said:

Episode 4 pretty good, it wasn't as boring as people made it out to be, before the episode even aired. 

The episode should have been called Then, since the next one is called Now. 

I love episodes like that people just pissy because TWD took a week off of the main story

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2 hours ago, Darksphere92 said:

i kind of wondering if they are going to change it from the comic.

The only way if they changed it if it was still a huge important character  in the comics the most popular character was Glen when he died people got pissed


 for tv That would be Daryal but i feel they wont change it 

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