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Movie Review Thread 4.0: The Unnecessary Reboot

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Polar - Review (2019)

The Good
Mads Mikkelsen's performance dude is never bad just badass

Vanessa Hudgens, Matt Lucas, and  Katheryn Winnick are all great

The insane violent  action 

A lot of blood

The Bad
Fei Ren's terrible performance she was very cringe 

The other performances were terrible.

It looks very low budget even for Netflix 

They kill a dog for no reason

Overall: Its a OK Netflix Film

Overall Grade: C+ 


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The Upside - Review (2019)

The Good
Kevin Hart gives a actual good performance instead of being a cartoon he's still the funniest thing in ir , but his performance is more laid back. 

Bryan Cranston is always great. 

Hart and Cranston's chemistry is great.

Nicole Kidman is also really great. 

The Bad
The Plot is predictable and cliche

Some childish jokes linger for too long. 

It doesn't really do anything to improve of the original same with the script. 

Overall: Decent feel good movie for January

Overall Grade: C+


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If Beale Street Could Talk - Review (2018)

The Good
Barry Jenkins Fantastic Direction and Screenplay

The Performances around the Board were fantastic KiKi Layne, Stephan James, Regina King who steals the entire movie and is a lock for Best Supporting Actress, Teyonah Parris, Brian Tyree Henry, Colman Domingo, Diego Luna, Pedro Pascal, Dave Franco

James Laxton's beautiful Cinematography

Nicholas Britell's Score

The Bad 
The movie has a non linear structure. 

Overall: Barry Jenkins Follow up to his amazing Moonlight is fantastic sad to see it not get nominated for Best Picture or even director. 

Overall Grade: A


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I finally watched the Greatest Showman from the beginning and I have to say it is one of the best musicals I've ever seen in my life.

Grade: A+

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Serenity - Review (2019)

The Good
I guess you can say its so bad its good.... but I wouldn't 

The Bad
Matthew McConaughey is like really horrible in this movie it feels like he doesn't even know what movie he is in. 

The other cast are just there from Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane, Jason Clarke, Djimon Hounsou, Jeremy Strong

Steven Knights sadly awful Direction and Screenplay 

The awful ludicrous twist and the reveal is just fucking dumb and a big waste of time. 

It takes itself way too seriously 

Overall: as a follow up to Knights 2014 Film Locke this is insanely disappointing, its like Knight tried to make The Room but with good actors but its worse. 

Overall Grade: F-

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Velvet Buzzsaw - Review (2019)

The Good
Jake Gyllenhaal' great performance. 

It's A Sharp, Funny Satire Of The Art World

Fantastic Supporting cast from Rene Russo (as punk rocker-turned-art distributor Rhodora Haze), Toni Collette (excitable "art adviser" Gretchen), Brit actress Zawe Ashton (Josephina, who first discovers the neglected art), and Daveed Diggs (rising artist Damrish).

Its definitely unpredictable 

The Bad
John Malkovich is wasted

The horror elements are disappointing generic its almost like Final Destination.

Robert Elswit cinematography is disappointing its just uninteresting and the editing is not great. 

If you seen the trailer them you seen the movie and the ending is Unsatisfying 

Overall: This is not Nigjtcrawler which is much better than this film. Sadly Gilroy is 1-2 in films now

Overall Grade: C

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Miss Bala (2019) - Review 

The Good
Gina Rodriguez is great

Anthony Mackie is decent 

Its watchable but not great. 

The Bad
Once again Hollywood thinks its smart to remake a foreign film (sometimes it works, but this time it doesn't) 

Catherine Hardwicke's mediocre direction 

Its predictable as hell 

Bland Action 

Everyone else is just generic 

Overall: Once again Sony fails, just watch the original its better. 

Overall Grande: D+

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The Hole in the Ground - Review (2019)

The Good 
Lee Cronin's strong direction 

Seána Kerslake's fantastic performance 

James Quinn Markey plays the creepy as kid perfectly. 

The atmosphere and pace is great 

There isn't jump scares (Thank God, just creepy imagery. 

The other performances are fine.

Stephen McKeon's creepy score.

The last 30 Minutes is bonkers. 

The Bad
Tom Comerfeld's cinematography is meh A24's past horror films looked beautiful, this just looks ok

It doesn't bring anything new to the creepy kid genre, but least its better than The Prodigy.  

I had few unanswered questions. 

Overall: Nice surprise from A24 to give us the first good horror movie of 2019

Overall Grade: B+


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Climax - Review (2019)

The Good
Gaspar Noé's fantastic direction. 

The Cast is fantastic especially Sofia Boutella.

The Choreographed dance scenes are phenomenal.  

Benoît Debie's beautiful cinematography the opening dance scene and after one shot take is amazing. 

The music is like heart pounding making you uncomfortable 

The tension builds amazingly that when shit hits the fan your still not ready for it, like holy shit. 

The Bad
If you don't know the directors work and you don't know what your getting in to then you will not like this film 

Overall: While this is a fantastic horror film, this is not for everyone so if you do watch it, Watch at your own risk.

Overall Grade: A-


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Atlita: Battle Angel - Review (2019)

The Good
Rosa Salazar as Atlita is easily the best part of the movie her performance is just charming and you care about her character even though she doesn't really have any lesson of losing which in anime or manga characters always suffer loss.

Robert Rodriguez's direction you feel the fun that this movie is having, this is his best film since Sin City (2005)

Christoph Waltz performance is decent. 

The Motorball Sequence is something to be remembered by the end of 2019. 

The Action sequences are amazing  

The World building. 

The visual effects are phenomenal especially the motion capture for Atlita.  

The Bad
Most of the fantastic cast is wasted like Jennifer Connelly's character is interesting but doesn't really get any pay off, Mahershala Ali is just generic rich villain who just says smart things, Jackie Earle Haley is just a generic villain robot, Ed Skrein, Michelle Rodriguez, Eiza González are also wasted. 

The mostly laughable dialogue.

The Childish humor. 

The editing isn't great. 

The forced love story. 

The insanely laughable bad sequel bait endjng . *Spoiler Alert* its not getting a sequel.  

Overall: While its still enjoyable this should of been made into a Anime film that way we could see sequels and it would of been better written. 

Overall Grade: C+


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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part - Review (2019)

The Good
Chris Pratt is one again the best part of this movie he is the true MVP doing 2 performances this time. 

Mike Mitchell's Chaotic, Colorful Direction, he does a really good job stepping in for Lord and Miller.

The voice cast if fantastic from Tiffany Haddish putting forth her best work yet as Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi, and returning favorites like Elizabeth Banks's Wildstyle and Will Arnett's Batman proving why they are so essential to this franchise.
Charlie Day, Nick Offerman, and Alison Brie are enjoyable as ever, 
Richard Ayoade's intensely-sarcastic Ice Cream Cone is hilarious and of course.

The Tone is perfect 

The Lego Batman Movie is Canon which is good cause that movie is fantastic. 

The Songs are very catchy and great especially "Catchy Song".

It Discusses Toxic Masculinity Without Being Overbearing

The beautiful Animation 

The Meta jokes are hilarious.

There's a fantastic joke basically saying how Justice League failed and basically saying Marvel is better. 

The Bad
Phil Lord and Chris Miller's script isn't as sharp as the first mpvie , its still great just not as sharp.

Some fan favorite character get less screen time due to them being separated all the time. 

Final Thoughts:  Not as perfect as both The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie, Lego Movie 2 is still a really great time for the whole family. 

Overall Grade: A-


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Happy Death Day 2U - Review (2019)

The Good
Jessica Roth is once again the best thing in this movie, her comedic timing is great and the emotional beats. 

A lot of the comedy works minus the whole trying to steal something back gag.

The Suicide Montage especially the Sky Diving scene.

The emotional beats give you the feels. 

Fantastic editing and pacing. 

The supporting cast is great Carter's (Israel Broussard) pal Ryan (Phi Vu) gets a lot more to do, and two new teen scientists played by Suraj Sharma and Sarah Yarkin. 

The Bad
In the first five minutes it explains the time loops as some science thing to make sense in which it really doesn't it tries to be Back to the Future 2. 

There's no Suspense at all. 

The force Sequel bait post credit scene with a certain character that does not make me excited at all for the sequel, also they showed this in the trailer good job Universal. 

The Killer is 2nd fiddle 

The Anti-Climatic Ending. 

The Lame PG-13 Rating once again this and the first movie should of been R Rated they just made it PG-13 for more Money. 

Overall: As a sequel its a good follow up as a movie by it self its OK still entertaining even though I'm not excited for a third movie.

Overall Grade: C+


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The Kid Who Would Be King - Review (2019)

The Good
Louis Ashbourne Serkis (Son of Andy Serkis) is fantastic and you care about his Alex

Dean Chaumoo, Tom Taylor and Rhianna Dorris round out the supporting cast nicely as Alex's young friends, while Denise Gough does fine work as his put-upon mother, and of course, 

Joe Cornish's Strong Writing & Direction (If you seen Attack the Block then should know him)

It has a good message.

Angus Imrie is fantastic as Young Merlin (Patrick Stewert plays his older version who is also great)

The visuals effects are great. 

The Bad
Rebecca Ferguson as Morgana is just there she just on screen for Five Minutes.

The 2 Hour Run time 

Overall: Easily, EASILY the best King Arthur Movie in AGES (Looking at you terrible Guy Ritchie King Arthur and Michael Bays Transformers  King Arthur). 

Overall Grade: A-


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What Men Want - Review (2019)

The Good
Taraji P. Henson is good, but I feel is wasting her talents on crappy films. 

When she hears the voices is quite funny. 

Josh Brener is great. 

The Bad
Adam Shankman's terrible direction. 

Erykah Badu performance is HORRIBLE. 

It feels like your watching a cartoon cause its way too over the top. 

Its very loud and annoying. 

Pete Davidson is wasted a lot of funny actors in this are wasted for characters who are not good. 

Final Thoughts: If you wanna watch a better version just watch What Women Want it doesn't try to hard and doesn't act like a cartoon. Most of the time.

Overall Grade: D+


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The Prodigy - Review (2019)

The Good
Nicholas McCarthy's direction he makes a good creepy atmosphere for a mediocre movie. 

Taylor Schilling's performance is great. 

Colm Feore is also great. 

The Bad
Jackson Robert Scott is pretty annoying I've seen better child actors. 

Its just a generic same old Bad Seed Genre movie with the kid killing animals same old shit

The awful generic jump scares. 

Its boring. 

Just shock horror.

The awful ending 

Final Thoughts: Really generic horror movie its a big skip. 

Overall Grade: D-


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